The 8th & 9th.

October 10, 2013 — Leave a comment

The 8th of September.
Today has just been a total write off. I have been so angry, but I just had to let it go because it was like talking to a wall.
My first dose of IVs was over an hour late, after I had to get the nurse in charge involved. Unfortunately, she was only on this morning. We arrived before ten, but didn’t leave until half twelve. We should’ve been finished by eleven.
Once we were finally able to leave, we went into town. First we went to Eat, where I had chicken pot pie soup (which I had to fish loads of mushroom out of) and my mama had pie and mash. After lunch, we went to the O2 shop and she got a new phone! My mother the technophobe now has a smartphone. Then we went to Krispy Kreme, where they were giving out free ones! I also bought a lemon drizzle one. I may or may not have eaten them one after another.
We drove back to hospital for my 3pm doses, and the nurse said she couldn’t do it because the prescription hadn’t been changed. It then took them until ten to four for it to be changed, but then the nurse didn’t draw up the drugs for another forty five minutes, so I finally got them at quarter to five. By this time, the nurse in charge had changed, but when trying to speak to her, she would just say “I can only emphasise that it needs to be given on time” and we were saying “We know that. We are here. You are the ones not on time.” She had the empathy of a teaspoon.
We got home just before half six. My mama went straight back out to see my grandma, and I made a coffee and sat down with her new phone, when I discovered we’d lost all her contacts because they were only on the SIM which was replaced.
Tonight’s IVs went up at ten. Sigh. Tomorrow, we will start again.

The 9th of October.
Today has been about a zillion times better than yesterday.
This morning, I had Jodie who’s one of the military nurses, and she had obviously been briefed about the horrors of yesterday, because she was totally ready and I was up and running by half ten.
The doctors came round and they are equally unhappy with the nurse from yesterday (who I just talked to an auxiliary about and my heart rate increased by ten). They said if I can go onto this tablet then I might be able to stop the mero too but I’m taking that with a pinch of salt as sometimes they just make stuff up.
We went into town to exchange the phone case my mama got yesterday for one that actually for her phone. Then we went to M&S to get things for tea and some puddings for me. I cannot hang about under 7 1/2 stone; it’s not safe.
There was time at home for us to have lunch, then we went out again for the 3 o’clock dose. That got done, we went home through terrible traffic, and had a somewhat relaxing evening with caffeinated beverages.
My dad and I had fishcakes for our tea while my mama went to see my grandma, and now at half past eight, I only have twenty minutes left of my colomycin because Romeo is excellent.
Tonight will be an early night and it shall be beauteous.

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