The 27th & 28th; People are pretty fantastic sometimes.

October 29, 2013 — Leave a comment

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The 27th of October.

Surreal is the only word I can think of to describe today.

It began ordinarily enough – went to hospital for obs and to see James, which was all over and done with in half an hour! Discharge tomorrow afternoon to avoid driving in the storm. Before we went home, we went to the Bullring to get advice about my mama’s phone battery, then I needed to replace a mascara and a scarf that the pixies have stolen. Bastards.

We had venison with a whiskey jus for lunch which was very tasty. One of the main reasons I love Autumn is that it’s game season! Then this afternoon, Helen, Rosie and Rachel came round for tea and cake, and we spent several hours eating, drinking and wondering what the hell we were thinking in our youth. I have missed them.

Oh God, I forgot, I started the day on the front page of the Sunday Mercury! Next to Amanda Holden and a woman in a bikini, because all our stories clearly tie together. Now, I suspect they have the same parent company as the Daily Mail, because tonight I’m on their website with photos from the Mercury’s photographer. Right next to the sidebar of shame, my life’s ambition has been realised.

I never thought I would be on the DM website, but I must use it as a force for good. The blog traffic is already mad.

I’m just a bit shellshocked.

The 28th of October.

First morning that I haven’t had to wake up for anything. Stellar. And we had no discernible storm, so I slept the whole night through. Then I didn’t get out of my pyjamas until about midday. Mainly because I just didn’t have to.

After lunch, we spent our entire afternoon in hospital but it was worth it as I now don’t have to go back until a week on Wednesday! Saw the doctors who all knew about me being on the Daily Mail website because Dr. Shah reads it. I love this image. I am not in the print version. At least not yet.

Got a massive bag from pharmacy which will keep me going nicely for a while. Derek flushed my line and we went through all the drugs, and the community IV team will come out to me next week.

I had a phone call this evening from Claire from the Observer, asking if it was okay for her to give my phone number to someone, and the upshot is that someone from Midlands Today is coming round to interview me tomorrow!

This evening I have discovered that I am big in Brazil, I put up a blog post putting a few things straight, and I received a hilarious and brilliant video from Joe Gilgun.

People are pretty fantastic sometimes.

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