Paris #3: The 22nd & 23rd; Now I am going to bed.

November 26, 2013 — 1 Comment

The 22nd of November.

Our last full day at Disneyland today! Boo. But it will be nice to sleep in my own bed, on my own again. Mommy snores.

This morning at breakfast, another English person and I stood around waiting for fresh pancakes to appear. Oh the joys of hotel breakfasts.

We flushed my line (even at Disneyland, one cannot escape necessities like PICC line hygiene), then went out to finish our shopping. It’s amazing how all the shops here look the same, yet you can never find the one you want. But now everyone has a present and we (because Mommy is a packing wizard) have managed to pack everything without having to buy another bag!

Today we had lunch at Walt’s, where we had salmon starters, then I had steak and some miniature puddings. We swapped around so I just ended up eating two mini chocolate fondants which were really good!

This afternoon we made sure all the packing was done, and talked to the concierge about a taxi tomorrow, so that is booked. We escaped the park before four because the parade was on early today and we didn’t need to see it again.

Tonight we went to Starbucks for coffee and cake, and I made faces at babies. A company called Natixis has taken over Disneyland tonight. What an awesome Christmas do.


The 23rd of November.

And we’re back on Greenwich Mean Time.

Today has been long and tiring. We got up at half eight and went for breakfast. Going to have to make our own tomorrow, guh. Brushing my teeth hurts so much.

We basically spent the day killing time – spending our remaining euros, having coffee, then lunch at the Earl of Sandwich. The parks were mentally busy today because it was Saturday so we mostly avoided them.

The taxi came to pick us up at half three, and the traffic was fine so we got to Gare du Nord at about half past four and had a lot of time to waste. We had hot chocolates and bought chocolates from Neuhaus.

Eurostar back was much better – we were in the proper wheelchair space in Standard Premium. I got put on the train with a lift, we got given adorable food, everyone was nice…loads better than our journey there.

Daddy picked us up at St. Pancras and drove us all home. Oscar was very confused. Now I am going to bed.


One response to Paris #3: The 22nd & 23rd; Now I am going to bed.


    I’ve just caught up with your Paris trip – my word those cakes and fancies looked Awesome!

    I’m probably a bit too old to be blown away by Mickey and Minnie, but the pictures of Paris were very nice 🙂

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