The 4th; Elle day!

December 6, 2013 — 1 Comment


The 4th of December.

What a tiring day! Got up to be at Bad Apple at quarter past ten, and arrived while the Kérastase rep was there giving a presentation about the range, so Jill and I chatted about cats and Christmas trees before Michaela came and blow-dried my hair and trimmed my fringe.

From there, we drove to the Bullring to park there all day. I had go at a lift full of lazy, able-bodied people, none of whom decided to do the decent thing and get out. Then our train was cancelled due to a fatality, but we got the next one and it was fine. Then from Euston, we got a cab to Elle HQ! We were a little bit early, so bimbled round the surrounding area for a while – there were loads of places selling tasty looking food that I wanted to eat so that was somewhat frustrating, seeing as for my lunch, I ate the middle of an egg mayonnaise sandwich with a fork. As you do.

When it was, we went  into the Hearst building and waiting in reception for Gillian to come down and collect me, which she duly did, and Mommy stayed behind and sat and read an Elle Decor magazine. She showed me the cupboard, where I had a wee rummage and she showed me some mood boards for the upcoming issues, so I now have insider knowledge on the trends for the next few months. Whether I implement them is another matter. Then I met Lorraine! We talked about the December issue, and about how she likes to have pieces in the magazine that make you think. Also about how subscribers should get free gifts (coughMARIECLAIREcough), and the Elle feminism campaign they’re running – we’re both very enthusiastic about that. And they gave me a bag of goodies! I got them all out on the train home and they’re super awesome. Then I took some photos in the photobooth and of the office, then Gillian introduced me to Natasha Pearlman, the deputy editor, and we ended up chatting about the Liberty and Iceland documentaries.

Then it was time to say goodbye, and I said all my thank you and off we went! To Fortnum & Mason. We bought Daddy some marmalades, then we went to the Christmas shop. I bought a little Christmas pudding decoration, but desperately lusted over the big wooden advent calendars. In my ideal life, I would have that for my kid. It was beautiful. We basically did all the Christmas shops, so next was Liberty. They do not appear to be having the major problems that the adverts for the documentary allude to, but I still bought two decorations just to do my bit. There was a massive bear we could’ve bought for £2000, but decided against it. Then we went to Selfridges but avoiding Oxford Street, so instead we saw lots of posh buildings and cars. Plus the Vera Wang shop where we determined that I’d look fabulous in all the dresses. In Selfridges, we went to Chanel and I bought some earrings! I still want a bag. God I want a bag. There was a woman there buying one, and she paid for it in cash. She then requested to see the bag when the man was wrapping up the box, because she thought he might give her an empty one. She’s obviously had a bad experience. The earrings are very little and understated but I love them. We also bought some tiny cupcakes which there are no pictures of because they fell over in the box and I’ve eaten them all already.

Then it was back to Euston for home! Mommy got a sandwich (ham and mozzarella from Upper Crust which is my favourite and I couldn’t eat it, I was so jealous) for tea and I had a white chocolate.

My skin is mental and I’m not sure what to do.




















photo 1 (1)_Snapseed

photo 2 (1)_Snapseed

photo 3_Snapseed






photo 2_Snapseed

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    lovely earrings and the packaging, oh i do like some nice packaging:-)

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