The 11th & 12th; All is well with the world.

December 14, 2013 — 1 Comment

The 11th of November.

Knackered again tonight. I think that will be the case tomorrow and Friday too. I woke up at six something and got up at half past because I wanted to be at haematology clinic early. It’s a good thing I did too, because even though we arrived just after nine, I didn’t get in to see Ram until eleven! He wants me to start going to his GvHD clinic in January, and scored my skin again. He’s always concerned about tightness, but I have never had that symptom, thankfully. Just the really attractive rash. The funding for my photopheresis has come through, so we can start that ASAP – I’m going to see the nurses tomorrow after seeing Dr. Thompson.

We left at half eleven, and I was frantically tweeting Rachel to apologise, but by chance, she was late too, so it was fine. We both had scrambled eggs and coffee and exchanged presents – she bought me some very cute socks with cat faces and fish on and I love them. Wearing them tomorrow.We talked about what we’re doing at Christmas, and our favourite films. Her family doesn’t like Elf! They are not sane people. I’m so looking forward to watching it with Daddy tomorrow.

I had to leave at twenty past one to get back to hospital for liver clinic, where we handed in my prescription from this morning and left them to it in pharmacy. Dr. Ferguson is awesome and saw me really quickly. My bloods weren’t back yet, but I can check them on myhealth to see what my CRP’s doing later. He’s on over Christmas so if anything happens, I’ll be looked after.

We picked up two carrier bags from pharmacy, then went back to town to buy ribbon, tags and Mommy’s Chanel stuff, because we knew Mary was there. So I have all the presents now, but I’ve had to order the rest of my wrapping stuff online because Paperchase had nothing. I got Chanel Rouge Rubis for myself, so I put that one this afternoon while blogging.

Another early night.



The 12th of December.

I’m going to start having sleepless nights again. Steroids just aren’t happy if they’re not ruining every possible aspect of your life. I didn’t fall asleep until gone two, then I was basically awake again from about half past four.

We drove to hospital with no traffic, so were there early and at least had time for coffee. A lady I’ve not met before took my for my lung function test and she was very chatty – we were in there for nearly an hour! I also had to do one of them more times than usual because I was inconsistent. Dr. Thompson didn’t have much to say – everything is as it was back in May, before I had any of the trouble that started in the summer. Apparently, the liver doctors asked him “if he could make my lungs a little bit better” and he was like “with all due respect, if I could do that then I would have”. Dearie me.

This afternoon, I drank several cups of coffee, ate lunch and tried of Christmas dresses. I’m not happy with any of them so they’re all going back and I’ve ordered two more. I also watched the final episode of Misfits and was very pleased that Joe Gilgun did not die. I have ridiculous love for him now.

This evening, Daddy and I watched Elf at the ICC. The traffic on the way there was awful and I got incredibly stressed, so when we arrived, Daddy was waiting by the REP and we hauled ass to Hall 5, where they’d been showing trailers so as soon as we sat down, the film started! Excellent timing.

I love Elf so much. The moment when Buddy and Santa fly over New York and the music swells, my heart fills with Christmas spirit and all is well with the world.

mommy chanel

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    Elf is one of my favourite Christmas films 🙂

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