The 17th & 18th; Lorazepam isn’t an option for a while.

December 20, 2013 — 1 Comment

The 17th of December.

I woke up at half past three. So the steroids go “Oh, you’re going to use drugs to help yourself sleep? Then we’ll just wake you even earlier!” Pricks.

This morning Daddy started talking to me about a book (normal volume, didn’t say the title) and how he didn’t think it was out in the UK yet, and I asked what it was called so I could look it up, then Mommy came in and I was still talking about Amazon and this book, then only when she left did he tell me it was meant to be for her! So I absorbed some wrath even though I was thinking WELL IF IT’S A GIFT MAYBE WHISPER OR GIVE ME SOME SORT OF CLUE.

Anyway. We went into Sutton to run a couple of errands before going to the chiro, where Trine worked on the bits that I’d been expecting her to find. Then we went to Starbucks where I was served by blast from the past Carl Atterbury, so that was a delightful surprise, before going to Bad Apple to get my hair cut. I’ve had my fringe and layers softened but it’s still pretty similar. I just needed something less angular so when my face gets round it’s not quite as obvious.

This afternoon, I ate a corker (a brownie baked inside a cookie, invented by The Brownie Bar) while watching The Biggest Loser in a very schadenfreude-esque way. Then I made a hot chocolate in my new Christmas mug, gathered up my stuff, grabbed The Polar Express from the DVD collection, and went to do my very best Bryony (the wrapping elf from Arthur Christmas) impression. I sat on the floor of the gift wrapping room (which is what we’ve re-christened Grandma’s old room, and by having one we’re basically Richard and Emily Gilmore) for six hours, just wrapping and watching the film/subsequent tv.

I did have a break for dinner (fishcakes – I’m coping with food much better now, thank goodness), but went straight back to finish. At quarter to ten, I’d done all the paper and tags, and decided that was enough. My back was killing me, and my bony bum wasn’t thrilled.

Tomorrow I will finish wrapping (ribbon) and write my Christmas cards. Work out what I’m going to watch on tv over the festive period. And try on the six potential Christmas dresses I got today.



The 18th of December.

Twenty past three. This is going to be such fun. I got up at seven and got a hug from Mommy because that is all she can do. Lorazepam isn’t an option for a while as there are no days I can afford to lose, so methinks I’ll be drinking a lot of coffee.

I had endocrine clinic at 10:15, so we went and got coffee and a paper, only about two pages of which I managed to read before Andy Toogood called me in! I do like that he runs to time. Waiting for Nick was what took ages! There were lots of complicated prescriptions, apparently.

We came straight home and after lunch, I finally chose my Christmas dress (after trying on all six that were hanging up)! I am glad that saga is over. Then I went back to the gift-wrapping room to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas and attach ribbons and tags. But disaster! I’ve run out of ribbon! Have panic-ordered twelve more metres. I have ten presents left to do! So when that happened, I got up from the floor onto a chair and wrote my Christmas cards.

This evening I wrote a blog about the anniversaries I have coming up, and I gave Mommy and Daddy their Christmas cards. And the star is on our tree! So we are nearly ready.

Must finish wrapping.

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    Your hair looks really beautiful, and so do you!

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