The 22nd & 23rd; I definitely feel less fuzzy than I do with lorazepam.

January 24, 2014 — Leave a comment

The 22nd of January.

Oh, last night’s sleep was good. I  just crawled into bed and had a beautifully dreamless night. I got up at half past nine, because I thought ten-odd hours was enough.

I spent my morning writing about yesterday, and this afternoon, I wrote it and prior two days up on the blog and read The Luminaries. Daddy came home from work early because he has a grotty cold, and ended up going to pick up our new tv from Currys.

Now the old living room tv is in the gift wrapping room, and the tv that was in there is in my room. It will be nice to have one that is not from the 80s.

Tonight we’re watching the NTA’s, then I’m going to take some Zopiclone and totally zonk out.

The 23rd of January.

Today has been very quiet, as was planned. I took 7.5mg of Zopiclone last night and I wasn’t sure how it would affect me the day after, so I purposely did nothing. We’ll see how much of today I remember; that is the second test. I definitely feel less fuzzy than I do with lorazepam.

So I’ve had a very dozy day, watching tv and reading The Luminaries. I also painted my nails, and this afternoon a box from Betty’s came! It contained the rest of my birthday present from the Easts, their presents for my parents’ wedding anniversary and some bits for them. I got macarons and fondant fancies, yum. I’ve eaten the chocolate macaron and I had one of the fondant fancies for pudding after tea tonight.

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