The 11th & 12th; 4mg of steroid!

February 15, 2014 — Leave a comment

The 11th of February.

4mg of steroid! In three weeks, I should be totally off them. Ahh I’m so impatient but I must be sensible. The Zopiclone gave me a decent enough sleep – I didn’t properly wake up until about eight so that was really nice.

I decided to spend my day with my feet up on a stool to try and alleviate any excess edema, plus I’ve been taking diuretics today, so we’ll see how it goes. I took a picture of my feet this morning, and I’ll take another tonight and compare.

So it hasn’t been the most exciting of days. It snowed this morning which was surprising and I’m sure great fun for anybody outside. I was glad not to have to go out.

I had an inspection of my jumper drawer because I was having trouble opening it and I thought there might be something stuck underneath it. Eventually, after taking everything out of the drawer, I removed the drawer itself, and discovered the problem. The bottom of the drawer has fallen out. So that’s Daddy’s job for this weekend.

Need to think about what I want for tea tomorrow night before nil by mouth on Thursday!

The 12th of February.

Today did not start well. I was having my coffee, watching some delightful specimens on Jeremy Kyle, when I heard “GET OUT OF HERE YOU HORRIBLE CAT WARGGHHHH” coming from the kitchen/garden area, so I went to investigate. It was Mommy, who was coaxing Oscar into the house because the little black and white bastard had attacked him. He’d gouged a hole in Oscar’s head that was bleeding quite a lot, and his feet were bleeding. He drank some cat milk and Mommy rang the vet, who said to take him round so they could check him over. He had a shot of antibiotics, steroids and painkillers so he’s okay. We just had to be extra nice to him. Mommy initially thought he was dead when she found them because he’d just given up and was lying on the ground, not fighting back at all. Poor kitty.

This afternoon I’ve had my feet up again. The diuretics definitely worked because my feet are back to normal size again. I still might bring it up at clinic. Oh, and just to be helpful, my body has decided to start doing the fake-after-extra-period thing. Grand.


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