The 31st & 1st; April Fools’ Day!

April 4, 2014 — Leave a comment

The 31st of March.

I am having an early night tonight – I had a really poor-quality sleep last night and I’m just exhausted.

I woke up in time for us to be at the dental hospital for quarter past eleven, although there was a palaver about getting the wheelchair out of Daddy’s car because Mommy couldn’t open the boot, but I managed it by pressing the right buttons (I am not sure what she did).

They were all pleased with my mouth there; go back in another six months. We stopped in the Bullring to take a dress back to New Look, then came home.

This afternoon, while Mommy was at Grandma’s, I watched We Need To Talk About Kevin which I recorded the other night, and did some exercising. A somewhat strange combination.

And this evening, I finished reading Trouble in Mind, so I might actually start The Goldfinch now. Tomorrow I have nothing to do.

The 1st of April.

April Fools’ Day! Nothing happened. Well, not in our house. I got woken up by Daddy being on the phone loudly about trellis so thanks for that.

Today I did some blogging and looking at holiday properties. I had some asparagus thrust at me by a courier (Daddy is going to grow it) and Becky came round to discuss Miranda next week. I also got tickets to see Katherine Ryan in November (yay)!

My abs hurt today which is unfortunate because there isn’t really a stretch for abs. I can’t wait to go to the chiro next week because my back and neck are a total mess.

1st april

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