The 28th & 29th; It might be sentimental and stupid, but it’s what I’ve always wanted.

May 1, 2014 — Leave a comment

The 28th of April.

I slept in until half past nine, as late as I like to. I spent my morning writing up last night and watching This Morning. This afternoon I had GvHD clinic at half past two, but we had to leave early to meet Daddy at the nia car park because he accidentally took my wheelchair to work with him (we forgot to get it out of his car last night/this morning). He was sitting in it when we pulled up, and when he saw us, he got up out of it which really confused a passer-by who clearly just did not know what to think. He kept looking back with the most bemused expression, bless him.

I saw Ram and Francesca who both looked at my tongue and think I should stay with monthly photopheresis and keep doing the mouthwash four times a day because that seems to be slowly working. We had about a half hour wait at pharmacy, and finally got home at about quarter to six. Upon my arrival, I made a playlist of songs I might sing, because on Sunday, I will be going to Manchester to audition for X Factor producers as I know some lovely and helpful people. If they like me, I might get to perform for the proper judges and the crowd which would be the dream. Past that, I really don’t care because I know my body won’t hold up, but just to sing for people one last time. It might be sentimental and stupid, but it’s what I’ve always wanted.

The 29th of April.

Ha well on a day when I needed to sing to decide what I’ll do on Sunday, I’ve felt like there’s been something pointy stuck in my throat all day, so that’s been fun. I have had many Strepsils.

So I spent my morning listening to many songs and deciding which ones I definitely won’t be doing. This afternoon, I worked out, while Mommy has been in and out to hospitals – Good Hope with Grandma this morning to see if it was worth her having the second cataract operation and apparently it is. Then this afternoon, she had to take Daddy to the eye hospital because he’s got this vitreous detachment thing that happened in his other eye happening again. Can’t do anything right now, but if it gets worse, he has to go back.

Becky came over this evening to tell me about their holiday, and I showed her my current favourite video of dogs in dresses.


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