The 28th & 29th; I want a big sleep and a puffy dog to play with and a hug.

June 2, 2014 — Leave a comment

The 28th of May.

I feel a bit battered tonight. I was up at half past seven to be at the dental hospital at ten. I saw another new person who had a look, wrote some notes and went to get Mrs. Richards and Jon who saw me last time. They  asked me how I felt about having the injections again just to really kick the ulcers out. Deeper this time. So I lay there again and let him do four more injections, deep in the right side and right in the tip of the left side, then he had to hold it really tightly with some gauze. I think my body went into slight shock afterwards – trembling, and now I’m still cold. I hope sleep cures this. The local wore off ages ago, but because the needle went in so deep this time, it’s really bruised and still swollen tonight, whereas last time it was fine by mid-afternoon, really.

This afternoon, I watched the last two episodes of Hannibal and now we’re watching BGT and I’m shattered. I’m hoping I feel better tomorrow for training with Danny.

The 29th of May.

I am a bit knackered tonight – my tongue is not 100% yet and I had training with Danny today.

This morning I wrote up a couple of blog posts and gave the cat a good brush because he has been a howly monster.

Danny came at one and worked me really hard for just over an hour, doing kettlebell snatches, cleans, clean and presses and chest presses with my feet off the floor. Burned over 600 calories and now I am pooped.

This afternoon, I watched Nashville and looked at a couple of properties we’re thinking of going to on holiday. We also proof-read some reports for Becky,

I want a big sleep and a puffy dog to play with and a hug.

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