The 5th & 6th; It was supposed to rain all day but it has been beautiful!

July 14, 2014 — Leave a comment

The 5th of July.

My writing is going to be shaky because I have the trembles. I woke up early but that was no surprise, steroids combined with odd bed. I made an instant coffee and was suddenly unhappy with the packing I’d brought so did some research and found there was a big shopping centre in Exeter where I could get some dresses so once we’d had breakfast (he continental selection was disappointing so I had eggs benedict) we went there I got three dresses and some shoes from New Look and a cardigan from Gap.

We then drove to Truro where we had lunch in a theatre and I bought some cupcakes (the entire menu of the shop was from The Hummingbird Home Sweet Home book) – Mojito, MintyChoc and Chocoblok. I ate the Mojito one already. I planned to take a photo but then I smushed it by accident.

We went to Sainsbury’s for some basics on the way to Falmouth, and now we are here and unpacked and everybody can relax. I feel like doing a massive exhale.

The 6th of July.

What a truly excellent day! Last night I was a bit sad because our upstairs neighbours are elephants and there were fireworks and I was far too warm. So I took the duvet out of the cover and slept just under the case after taking a Zopiclone. So then I slept relatively well.

This morning I went to a place called Espressini and stayed there until lunchtime, chatting with the owner and sampling three different flat whites made with different blends and they were all delicious; I think the second one, from Tanzania and Ethiopia was my favourite. I think going up there every morning will be my ritual while we are here.

I met up with Mommy and we went to have lunch at a place called Picnic where I had a Cornish Yarg and salami sandwich and we met a very good dog called Ziggy who was utterly gorgeous so we had  a little chat with her owner. It was nearly two so I needed tablets and mouthwash that were back at the flat and on the way I purchased a small leather satchel that was reduced!

I ate my Chocablok cupcake that I bought yesterday (scrummy), had tablets and mouthwash, then went back out again. I went to Boots and Superdrug for some essentials, then New Look where I found a black cropped cardigan that no other store has had, and the girl serving me complimented me on my necklace. Then after a refreshing cold beverage, and a look in sandals in M&S, I came home!

It was supposed to rain all day but it has been beautiful!


Mojito cupcake!


This is new and tasty.


Panoramic view.


The toilet flush had a sad face.


Another view.

IMG_0017_2 #WIWT



Ziggy the dog.


Chocablok cupcake.


Sweet Shop flat white.


Hope blend flat white.

IMG_0019_2Knock Out flat white.


Cornish Yarg and salami sandwich.

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