The 2nd & 3rd; Today turned out rather more eventful than expected!

August 3, 2014 — 2 Comments

The 2nd of August.

Today turned out rather more eventful than expected! I woke up around half past four which is decent right now, and had a kind of slow morning pottering around, reading the paper. It was supposed to rain all day, but this afternoon it brightened up so I decided to just walk round the corner to Tesco to get some snacks for the trip on Monday.

However, while I was there, I got a text from Mommy saying “Come back now!” because Becky and James were back! They got engaged on Wednesday. So I rang her to say come and get me in the chair because I thought it would be quicker than me walking. So I paid for my shopping and fought with the plastic bag which got me flustered, then when I went outside, nobody was there so I went to the cashpoint and dropped my money on the floor which stressed me even more! Then Becky and James appeared with the chair while I was frantically trying to pick up tenners and eventually I got my shit together and sat down. When we got to the front door, I got out of the chair before it stopped, so all the forward momentum continued, and suddenly I was face down on my drive at the foot of my front door.

My first thought was “ambulance” but thank god I was wearing jeans so there was actually no blood. I have a fairly serious bump on my head, the bridge of my nose is bruised, and both wrists and knees have suffered some trauma. I have a tiny graze on my left hand and a scratch on my nose but we were very swift with the arnica, ice packs and bags of peas in various place so I will hopefully be presentable on Monday for X Factor selfies!

So I sat on the sofa covered in cold things, and we heard the proposal story and gave them their cards and gifts, then they had to go before James’ parents arrived. I wanted to finish my trip so Mommy took me to Jen’s and I bought some pic’n’mix, where I felt like Bambi in a zoo.

Since coming home again, I have sat in the armchair, had coffee and had bags of peas on my head and eyes.

It’s a good thing I was planning on conserving energy this weekend.

The 3rd of August.

I ache less than I thought I would. My knees are swollen and bruised, and I can’t put much pressure through my right wrist, but it’s okay. The facial bruising is fairly minimal, and my glasses cover most of it. Bump on the head isn’t great though.

I was awake early but I tried to stay kind of relaxed and sleepy, only allowing myself an hour to read, then going back to podcasts in the dark which I think has helped ward off trembles today.

I had kippers for breakfast, and Sunday Brunch. Becky and James came over again this afternoon, and this time I actually saw the ring! With all the kerfuffle yesterday, I never looked at it! We are already discussing ideas because I am Maid of Honour 🙂 they showed us photos from the hotel and restaurant and lighthouse and they were all beautiful – he planned it so well! Excellent job, James.

I went upstairs for a bit and finished off the book I’ve been reading in bed, so that’s another ticked off. We made John Whaite’s cookie dough brownies and had those for pudding tonight, and when I instagrammed a photo, he retweeted and replied to it! Such fun.

Oscar has been walking (or not) really terribly today and I am getting seriously concerned about his remaining length of life. Like I am glad Christine is coming home on Friday.

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 3

photo 2

photo 4

2 responses to The 2nd & 3rd; Today turned out rather more eventful than expected!


    Congratulations to Becky and James! Your bruises look pretty spectacular, hope they weren’t too painful.


    Just seen the photo on Instagram… guess the bruises did come up after all!

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