The 22nd & 23rd; We could be so great, in the fullest sense of the word.

August 24, 2014 — 1 Comment

The 22nd of August.

Today has been really rather busy. Well, this afternoon has, this morning not so much. This morning we just washed my hair as I felt like it hadn’t been done for ages. 

I needed to get another card for Elle and Ben as the one I had has miraculously disappeared, so before I met Jo for lunch at half twelve, Mommy took me to Paperchase, then over to the Arcadian, to Caffé Chino. It is so adorable in there! I felt very much like I was in a Studio Ghibli film, with all the puffy buns. I had a coffee which was surprisingly not horrible while I waited, then we just had a bit of a leisurely chat about life and current silliness, and imagined me with an army of dwarf hamsters. She had peanut buns and I had a warm ham and spring onion bun and it was really yummy.

Daddy picked me up and we got home at half three, just time for me to fit in a coffee before the photographer from the Birmingham Mail arrived at four. He was very prompt, we took loads of photos – inside, outside, glasses on, glasses off. I have no idea what they’ll use, or how I’ll look. Plus we had to do 30-60 seconds of video in which I sound incredibly cringe-worthy and will avoid at all costs. The Observer came out today with the cancerversary piece, which is on page 37.

Then tonight I was out again meeting Elle for dinner! We went to Wagamama where I had coconut seafood broth and wok-fried greens. The broth itself was a little bit spicy for me, so I ended up just finding all the seafood (including mussels and squid tentacles for the first time! How adventurous am I?) and leaving the soup. She really liked the present I got for her and Ben, which was very pleasing, and we just ate our food really messily and had coffee (I had decaf), then I inhaled some chilli from something that was cooking as we were sat right by the kitchen, so we went outside to wait for Mommy to arrive with the wheelchair.

The 23rd of August.

I actually managed to go back to sleep twice this morning so I didn’t get up until twenty past eight! That is the latest I’ve slept in months.

This morning I read the paper and piped the icing onto the cakes that Mommy made yesterday for us to take to Boldmere Court’s summer fête this afternoon. We left as soon as the qualifying finished, and at some point on the journey there, they all fell over and got smushed. So they looked terrible by the time we arrived. Mommy opened the lid in Grandma’s room and made angry noises. 

There were so many wheelchairs, we ended up just staying out of the way until Daddy and I had to leave to go to the cinema to see Lucy and it’s really good. Scarlett Johansson is excellent and the film itself poses a lot of questions about life and the purpose of it, and may inspire a blogpost, I’m not sure. It just made me think a lot about how life is a gift, and what are we doing with it? We could be so great, in the fullest sense of the word. The man who was sat next to me breathed incredibly loudly, which was quite distracting during quiet moments.

My leg muscles are so pathetic – I can barely get out of the armchair. Going to have to start using the resistance bands again or life will become impossible. I’m down to 30mg of pred now, so we’re on the way back down, just slowly.

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    Please take a look at Rick Simpson’s facebook page. Also his video on youtube ‘Run from the cure’ it’s interesting & inspiring!

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