The 30th & 31st; You are awesome.

September 3, 2014 — Leave a comment

The 30th of August.

Been having to remind myself that it’s Saturday all day. Lorazepam does knock me but it’s useful. Only once a week though. 

I spent my morning writing up some blog posts and looking at long sleeved pyjama tops online as we’ve discovered that I in fact only have one. Mommy took me to the sorting office so I could pick up a parcel that came yesterday while we were out, which was some biscuits that I ordered for myself from Biscuiteers. They are in the shape of cupcakes and the main one said “You are awesome.” because I am.

This afternoon, we went into town where I got some pretty underwear from Ted Baker, a pyjama top from Gap (I’m going to wear it tonight and if it’s alright then I’ll order some more online), then Mommy went to look for some skirts for Grandma as her leg is too big for her trousers right now, so I sat in Waterstones and looked at all the food books. We got Jamie Oliver’s new one and it is basically everything I want to eat over the autumn/winter. 

Hamilton is having lots of fun rolling around in his ball. X Factor tonight! I’m almost more excited for the Twitter reactions than trying to spot myself in the audience.

The 31st of August.

I woke up at about half three and have felt fairly shitty for most of the day. I came downstairs around nine with major trembles, difficulty breathing and some very localised fluid retention in my right ankle and the upper half of my forearms. It hasn’t got worse over the course of the day, so we’ll just have to see what happens.

So I’ve had my feet elevated all day as the skin on my ankle had split and was painful. This morning I watched Sunday Brunch and I read the interesting bits of yesterday’s Weekend Guardian.

I had beans on toast for lunch, as it really was that sort of day, and this afternoon, Mommy and I watched some TV shows we’d recorded. I also read a lot of The Miniaturist so I’m about halfway through and enjoying it enormously. I have no idea what is going to happen.

I managed to coax Hamilton out into my hand today! I held him on my lap in a blanket and stroked him for a little bit, and now he’s in the ball again. He seems to like that a lot and he’s less agitated in his cage. 

X Factor was interesting! Saw Chloe Jasmine, and the internet seems to agree with me in that she is fake. We felt her whole character was so contrived and she isn’t even a very good singer. Her arena audition is even worse than what they showed last night. We didn’t see any of the other featured contestants. It’s on again tonight so we shall see who appears!

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