The 7th & 8th; I would so very much like to be back to my version of normal.

September 12, 2014 — Leave a comment

The 7th of September.

Lorazepam day means that I haven’t been fully with it. I’m fairly sure nothing drastically important has happened, but I will re-read anything I wrote in my other notebook.

I know I can’t read books in this state, so Sunday Brunch was an excellent distraction this morning, and after Grandma came round for lunch, she and Daddy went to her old room to watch the Grand Prix, and now she’s back at Boldmere Court.

I can feel where my skin is going to split and it hurts. I would so very much like to be back to my version of normal.

The 8th of September.

Tonight I feel terrible – cold, tired and shaking even more than usual. I will be in bed by nine tonight.

Photopheresis went fine, nothing to really report. My time was a little bit longer than usual, and as Mommy needed to be at Grandma’s for two today, we were anxious to get going on time. In the end she was only about ten minutes late, and I spent the afternoon writing stuff and watching rubbish TV.

We cleaned out Hamilton’s cage, had dinner, and now I am honestly just waiting for it to be bedtime because I am done with today. I’m sorry this entry is so short and uninteresting but I’ve got nothing to say.

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