The 27th & 28th; She was so tiny but brought so much light.

October 29, 2014 — Leave a comment

The 27th of October.

Well today we washed my hair and I actually left the house!

The hairwash itself took about five minutes, but my blow-drying took rather longer than usual, as expected. It does feel much better having clean hair though. 

This afternoon we went into Sutton and I got Lena Dunham’s book and New York Cult Recipes which is full of tasty foods I want to make. I also got some wool from House of Fraser, and got a mocha from Starbucks where Carl was on and he put a heart on my cup because he’s adorable. 

Becky and James came round with the framed cross-stitch we gave them for their engagement. We also had a bit of wedding chat – tonight is guest list, such fun!

I think I’m starting to feel better. I think I’m having slightly fewer coughing fits. 

Margot died today. She was so tiny but brought so much light. She should have lived for a lot longer than two years. 

The 28th of October.

Quiet day after yesterday’s activity. The Zopiclone I took last night worked so I slept quite well. 

We were awaiting a delivery from pharmacy as they were couriering over some mouthwashes so I had to stay in all afternoon while Mommy went to Grandma ‘s to meet with the social worker. She was back long before the man arrived with them though – it was about half five when he turned up. 

I finished The Blue Nowhere! Now, do I try and get back into The Architects or try something else?



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