The 31st & 1st; We are who we appear to be.

November 2, 2014 — Leave a comment

The 31st of October. 

I think my breathing is definitely improving – today I was able to go from the living room to the kitchen and although I still needed to rest, I didn’t need oxygen like I would have a couple of days ago.

Mommy and I went into Sutton again to get some different sized crochet hooks and other things like chocolate and coffee. I resisted the urge to get another cronut from Waitrose. 

This afternoon, Mommy flushed my line because the nurse didn’t show up, and we almost had a very messy situation because she drew back, then squirted a load of the blood out but thankfully it only went on the protective paper towel. 

We also made some very indulgent chocolate brownies from the New York book. They have to be eaten with a fork. 

I wrote a piece concerning Halloween and identity. We are who we appear to be. 

The 1st of November

I need to start tapering the steroids again. My brain is really struggling to cope with my face. I had a real wobble this afternoon and I can’t do this for much longer. The cough is getting better though so I don’t see why we can’t at least start. 

Zopiclone sleep so I can’t remember what time I woke up, but I watched the majority of Saturday Kitchen downstairs. This afternoon I crocheted, read some of The Architects and Mommy and I went round the corner to look at frames for my Chris Riddell drawing but the only style I liked, they didn’t have in the right size. Annoying. 

Tonight I just kind of want to cry and punch things.



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