The 8th & 9th; The greatest cheese toastie ever known.

November 11, 2014 — Leave a comment

The 8th of November. 

I am really lethargic today. I think it was the Zopiclone. Just complete apathy towards everything. Had to force myself to write things and do some crochet but my attitude to life is just “I can’t be arsed”. Becky and James came over to talk about what they did to her knee (the surgeons at Good Hope, not Becky and James). She’s hobbling about but not needing crutches. 
After lunch, I finally got round to reading the paper, but I was skimming it in all honesty. Not interested today. There was a good article about eating disorders in the magazine which held my attention but that was it really!
I have ordered three Christmas presents. It’s begun. 
The 9th of November. 
I feel a little bit wretched tonight, the way I feel when I know I’m not right. No temperature, no pain, just feeling generally shit. I suspect it’s to do with me having had another shit sleep. So Zopiclone tonight. I really hope this doesn’t become a cycle. 
Mommy, Alison and Grandma were going to the Hobbycraft event at the NEC, but before they’d even managed to collect Grandma, the back end of Mommy’s car got hit by a guy going over the speed limit and not paying attention. He went through a red light and hit her wit so much force that he spun her people carrier around with his tiny Corsa. We have his details and those of three independent witnesses so there should be no problem with insurance, it’s just massively inconvenient. 

I did make the greatest cheese toastie ever known for my lunch. Home-made bread, I buttered the inside and outside, grated a mixture of Jarlsberg and Red Leicester, then fried it and it was divine.

Becky and James were here for a while as we all had cups of tea/coffee and established the facts. Then they returned home and a second attempt at the Hobbycraft trip was made, more successfully. 
But as the afternoon has progressed, I’ve just felt more and more shit, tired and cold. No energy. Worried. Going to watch X Factor in bed, then straight to sleep. 

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