The 20th & 21st; I listened to Photograph by Ed Sheeran on the way home and it was really hard work to not cry.

November 23, 2014 — Leave a comment

The 20th of November. 

Tired. Another day of things. 

Photopheresis again at half eleven, on which I rattled along quite nicely, barely finishing my paper before I was done. This afternoon, I was going to be trying on bridesmaid dresses for Becky’s wedding so I thought I’d better be wearing clothes that weren’t too much effort to get out of. 

When we got home from hospital, I sat on a towel and tried to buff dead skin off my legs and moisturise because my skin is just so dry. I put tights on afterwards in the end anyway. 

So I tried on four dresses, plus one that I just liked for me. They didn’t allow photos in the shop for copyright reasons, so unfortunately I have no pictures. We have some definite contenders though. 

This evening I have just been eating all of the things because I started my period yesterday. Artificial hormones driving my body mental. 

The 21st of November. 

It’s been a weird day. I feel like nothing happened until I went to see Mockingjay but that wasn’t until half past two. 

At first, watching Nat Dormer do actual acting (I haven’t seen anything she’s in before) was a bit strange but then I got used to her character and it was fine. She has a good shaped head. 

I think it just reminded me of having something that you believe in so fiercely that you would fight for it. I’m not fighting for a revolution, I’m not going to pretend my cause is more important than anyone else’s, but I’m still hoping to make a difference in the world. What I want only takes a few moments but can give years. 

I listened to Photograph by Ed Sheeran on the way home and it was really hard work to not cry. 

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