The 24th & 25th; The most productive thing I have done today is untangle a ball of wool.

November 29, 2014 — Leave a comment

The 24th of November. 

I slept well again, waking up at half past nine, and thankfully just in time for me to be dressed and about to go downstairs when Becky texted me to ask if she could quickly pop over to show us something. It was a potential solution to the bridesmaid predicament (we’re all very different shapes) so we approved that. 

Today we were waiting for a parcel that didn’t arrive until past five o’ clock, but before then we did take one for 22. We needed to go round the corner so I could buy some more wool from the closing down pound shop, so we left a note on the door saying to deliver to no. 12 but that was unnecessary. 

I have done very little today but crochet – I am worried that the scarf I sent to Argentina hasn’t arrived so I thought I’d better get started on a replacement. Silly postal service. 

The 25th of November. 

The most productive thing I have done today is untangle a ball of wool. 

I had less good of a sleep than the past few nights but still reasonable. Awake at half eight. This morning we had a brief trip to Tesco because Mommy had a small list of things to buy and I wanted to go out. I was also intrigued by their new biscuit spreads. We managed to get the cookie one and the cookies and cream one. I wasn’t bothered about the bourbon version, and the custard cream one was out of stock, boo. 

This afternoon I finished off the ball of black wool (after spending literally an hour unravelling it) on the scarf I was going to send to Argentina but it’s far too short. I shall have to get more. I think I am keeping the wool industry in business single-handedly. 

I have somehow pulled a muscle in my inner thigh and I have no idea how when I do nothing all day long!

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