The 12th & 13th; Tree is up!

December 14, 2014 — Leave a comment

The 12th of December. 

I am beginning to get über-festive. I’m Christmassy from about mid-November, but now even more so. I was listening to The Muppets Christmas Carol soundtrack in the car. 

Katie the nurse came this morning to flush my line but the red one is still misbehaving which is a pain. We rang the ECP team and I’m fine so we’re going to see them on Monday after I see Elle, Ben and baby Luna.

This afternoon, Daddy and I went to see Paddington! It was a joy. I do believe that Paddington Bear is my kindred spirit. Marmalade sandwiches are the one. I used to have them during chemo. Not just then. My whole life. Little bit obsessed with marmalade. 

I had a phone call from Julie and basically, Grazia aren’t going to use any of the photos from Tuesday because they prefer the one from the bridal shop! They are, however, going to send all the photos on a disc so I can still see and share them. It’s fine – I’m just grateful they let us know before publication!

The 13th of December. 

Tree is up! Nothing on it yet though – it’s “relaxing”. Put stuff on it tomorrow, including, including my incredible pug decorations that arrived today. 

This morning I put all my presents and wrapping in the same bag so they could all be brought downstairs. Read the paper, watched Saturday Kitchen, was really bad at the crossword. I tidied the area around the table in the living room, and Mommy tidied her craft stuff which took much less time than expected. 

This afternoon I have just watched movies and been generally quiet because I’m feeling a bit delicate. I’ve had to use the oxygen more than usual today. I think it’s partially to do with having had disrupted sleep for several nights in a row, so I’m having a Zopiclone tonight. 

Tree decorating tomorrow! I get to be an elf. 

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