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The 29th of January. 

Finally! Things have happened. But I’ll get to that. I had a decent night, waking up just after nine and no horrible dreams like Monday night.

Mommy was out from about ten until three at Grandma’s pre-op for next week, so I was a bit stuck during that time. I made the tail and ears of Bridget the Elephant and now she’s finished, so I’ve got to finish Alexandre the Russian Blue Cat now. He needs ears, a tail and two more legs. And a face. I wrote my thank you letters and a blog post, and when Mommy finally returned, I was able to have some lunch (my lungs are not up to that level of activity yet). Oh, I tweeted into This Morning after an organ donation story and Philip read it out, although he kind of fumbled what I said for some reason. 

So we spoke to Becky the clinical nurse specialist about when my venoplasty might be, and she emailed Igor and Ram. Ram got back to her and said he had spoken to Andrew Willis yesterday regarding this, and I am booked in for Wednesday the 4th so I’m happy now. 

I am looking forward to seeing Sadie tomorrow, as long a there isn’t too much snow! We had some flurries today but not a vast amount. 

The 30th of January. 

I went out today, hooray! I spent my morning in the usual way, watching tv and crocheting the ears of Alexandre the Russian Blue Cat who I finished this evening. 

I met up with Sadie at Yorks Espresso Bar for lunch at twelve. I gave her the polar bear she’d requested and she’s named him Pablo. We both had ham and Swiss cheese croissants, then I also had a chocolate brownie which was excellent. We had a nice time because we always do, including the admiration of my friend Andy’s baby who was wearing exceptional stripy socks. 

When I got home, I finish Alexandre’s ears and tail, then I sewed him together and gave him a face. I think he is the best size – I’ve used different hooks for each one, Emma with a 4mm, Bridget with a 3mm and Alexandre with a 3.5mm. 

Tonight I am chilly and would like to go to bed soon. It’s only twenty past six. 

The 27th of January. 

Oh I’m not sure what to say about today. I did not have fun dreams and tossed and turned for a few hours this morning before my alarm went off. 

My morning was a blog post and making the leg of the cat I started yesterday. I had an appointment with James at Bad Apple to get my hair dyed because I haven’t had it done for ages. We decided on sort of candy cane stripes in pink, amethyst, green and mauve. While he was painting, he kept making little excited noises which was very frustrating because it was all a blur to me! I am so blind. Yasmin rinsed it out and dried it and everyone is a big fan. Michaela even happened to be in for a meeting so I quickly showed her before Mommy picked me up and I got to finally have lunch at three o’ clock. The wool I needed to finish the bunny arrived while I was out, so since lunch I have read heat and made two of the bunny’s legs. 

My arm is squidgy tonight so I’m glad to be seeing Igor in the morning. 

The 28th of January. 

Well I hoped today we’d make a plan about my line but we only sort of have one. Obviously I was at clinic this morning where I saw Ram. Apparently they’ve requested a venoplasty but as an outpatient so who knows where that is in the system? Ram did try to call Andrew Willis but he wasn’t available. Presumably inflating someone’s veins. Igor has put me in for a lung angiogram as well? Good to know. So we left it with Ram to follow up but I don’t know what he’ll have done. I really need this fixing. 

After picking up my vast prescription from pharmacy, we went into town so I could put my Christmas and birthday cheques from Taid in the bank, get some moisturiser and my Christmas and birthday charms from Pandora – I got the infinity and family ones. 

This afternoon I have finished my first creature from Edward’s Menagerie, Emma the Bunny. I have spent the remaining time working on a polar bear for Sadie. He has a head so far. 

I hope I get a phone call tomorrow. I need to be deflated. 

The 25th of January. 

Today has again not been great. I had Zopiclone so I at least had a decent sleep, but I am still feeling fairly crap about my inflated face and arms. 

We were supposed to be having a celebratory day for my birthday, Christine’s new job and my parents’ anniversary tomorrow, but I was just not able to enter into the spirit. I just had a bagel at brunch, then reluctantly went to the panto because at least I’d be sitting in the dark and no one would be able to see my face. I actually started to enjoy the performance because it is a good show, but then it was decided that we’d go and have coffee in Starbucks in Selfridges. That just ended up being too much for me to cope with, and I had a minor explosion. I didn’t want to be there, didn’t want people to see me. It’s not that I’m worried about what they think of my appearance – I don’t want anyone to think this is my normal appearance at all. And I know we’re supposed to be celebrating but what is there for me to celebrate? It’s great, you all go forward with your lives, for me it’s just well done for not being dead yet, everything’s just as shit if not shittier than last year and all I am good at is winding wool around a hook. 

This led to Mommy and I having a cry in the car while Daddy walked Christine to the station, then she climbed into the back seat to have a big hug, and eventually we were okay and we all came home. 

Tonight I have no interest in being me. 

The 26th of January. 

Back in the peaks and troughs of my emotional state, today has not been so bad. I think my face is a little bit deflated but my right arm is still boggy. This, I think, lends credence to my theory of the narrowing being back, just not fully blocking because my blood is so thin from all the clexane. 

This morning I gave Mommy and Daddy their 35th wedding anniversary card before she took him to the doctor for a blood test. It’s just for a check up, nothing of interest. I watched tv, wrote up a blog post and sewed together the body parts of an elephant without ears, eyes or a tail. We were just about to go out to M&S to buy some soup when Igor phoned. He is definitely in my top 10 doctors – he took my worries seriously and was going to get on the case with Andrew Willis and let Ram know what’s going on. I think I will just see him on Wednesday at clinic as it’s not urgent, but I need something doing. Hopefully venogram/plasty asap. 

This afternoon I’ve done the body and the head of a cat. When all my extra wool arrives, I can finish off at least two animals! They will be very cute.

The 23rd of January. 

I was right – all I needed was a good sleep. I had a Zopiclone and by this morning, I felt better. Didn’t do a vast amount this morning – Kate the nurse arrived soon after I got downstairs, so she flushed my line and I was finally able to have breakfast at about eleven. I watched This Morning, then after lunch, Mommy and I went to Waitrose to pick up wool I ordered from John Lewis to finish the bunny I’m doing, but it’s the wrong colour!

We then went to Hobbycraft as it’s not that far away, so Mommy could get this tape for the duvet cover, and I got some more stuffing. Had I known the John Lewis wool was the wrong colour, I would’ve looked for more there, but I didn’t open the bag until we got home. I’ve had a go at ordering some more in a different shade from Wool Warehouse so fingers crossed! I would like to finish him. 

Since our return, I have made the body of an elephant during Mel and Sue and Pointless. More birthday cake tonight and Christine coming home!

The 24th of January. 

Today sucked rather exponentially. I woke up coughing, my face was much more dramatically swollen than yesterday, my arms are boggy and I had what I call a “pressure headache”. This made me miserable all morning, so Mommy rang the hospital who wanted me to go in to be assessed. 

So I didn’t go to see Ex-Machina with Daddy and Christine, instead I had to go and hang around on 622 which involved waiting a lot for few things to happen. A nurse filled in part of a form, then another filled in the rest. She was going to take some blood but couldn’t get the blue clave off the end, so eventually the sister, Claire, had to come and try her super fingers to remove it. She was successful in the end, after she caught it unawares. 

After a long time, a doctor came to see me and he determined that I needed a scan, but because it was the weekend so nobody was there to do it, so I had an ultrasound instead. I went down for that just after six, and a very nice doctor looked at veins and decided that they’re not blocked, but the narrowing is probably back. 

I got back to the ward about seven, then we sat around until nine, waiting for the doctor to say “yes you can go home”. The man opposite me was not so lucky and had to stay in overnight for more platelets. Hadn’t brought a bag. Rookie. He

The 21st of January.

It’s been a good birthday. Started with stopping steroids so that’s a bonus! For breakfast, I had Nutella-filled French toast which was delicious, obviously. Then presents! I got a waffle maker, a bag of Jelly Babies, Edd Kimber’s Patisserie Made Simple, and two (pending) Pandora charms from family. My new slippers were an early present from Grandma, and I got some wool and a book of adorable toys to make so clearly I’ve started one already. 

Mommy went to Sutton to buy my Pandora but they had neither in the shop, the Edd Kimber book and stuff to make Cubanos with so we had those for lunch. Amazing. Oh and while Mommy was out, the postman chose the time I was in the toilet to ring the doorbell. Thankfully I was able to get there!

This afternoon I began this crochet and Mommy and I have been watching TV. I’ve had flowers from Becky and Heidi, other crochet kit from the rest of the Easts, and we’ve had an indian and birthday cake for tea with Most. I spoke to Aunty Audrey at length as she forgot to send my card, bless her. All my lovely friends and strangers who aren’t really strangers sending me birthday messages, I love you all dearly. I’m overjoyed to just be here. I’m a little bit emotional. 

The 22nd of January. 

I hate how polar my emotions seem to be. Yesterday I was so happy, then I had a terrible sleep so I’m exhausted, I feel generally crappy, and my tummy feels off as well. 

This morning I went to Bad Apple to get my hair cut before goes off to have her baby, so I gave her the jellyfish I made for the baby when she arrives. We have cut my bob back in and I’m only allowed trims until she gets back. I’m going to see James on Tuesday so we can do something mad with colour, as I am bored. 

This afternoon, I really didn’t have an appetite, so I ate some soup, and I’ve just been working on my first animalaaa from the new book, but I’ve run out of wool so I’ll have to finish it tomorrow. 

I’m rubbish and uncommunicative.  





The 19th of January. 

Urgh today has not gone so well. We went out this morning to get some stuff for my birthday cake, sawdust and bedding for Hamilton, and tape that Mommy needs to finish off Grandma’s duvet cover. 

While we were out, even though I was wearing my fur, I got really, really cold. It felt like it was inside my bones, and I have only come to a reasonable temperature in the last hour – all afternoon I’ve been in my knitted trousers and wrapped in shawls. I felt so incredibly crappy, I’ve barely done any crocheting, just six tentacles to finish off the jellyfish. I also haven’t even eaten the crodough I got from Waitrose yet. 

Now I’m really quite warm, so my body temperature needs to come down to a more regular one. 

The 20th of January. 

Today has been much better. I had breakfast upstairs, then Mommy washed my hair so it will be nice for my birthday, even though we won’t be going out. I got very cold again this morning when I came downstairs – it’s like the living room is just too cold for me. I had my jeans and a jumper on, then a blanket over my legs, one of Grandma’s cardigans, a huge scarf and a hot wheat bag thing that you microwave. I also had some paracetamol early so my temperature didn’t skyrocket again, but it took until lunchtime for me to get back to normal. 

Mommy’s friend Rosemary came round for lunch, so it was nice to talk to her for a bit before the two of them decamped to the dining room, and I made a little tweety bird who is very sweet. I could make several in different colours then turn it into a mobile. 

I’ve done really well with the oxygen today too – I only had it on for a bit this morning, then haven’t had to put it back on since maybe eleven o’clock-ish? Very pleased with that. 

It’s my birthday tomorrow!

The 17th of January. 

This morning I managed to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth without carting the oxygen with me! Very impressed with my lungs. Hopefully that means things are looking promising for my birthday. 

I watched Saturday Kitchen, read the paper and wrote a blog post, then after lunch, I made a teeny tiny bear, and now I’m in the process of making a tiny tortoise who will be adorable. 

I find myself watching The Smurfs 2. It is bizarre. 

The 18th of January. 

Well today I went the entire afternoon without oxygen, only putting it back on at about twenty past five which is a huge leap for me. I feel so hopeful about this that I have booked a table at Filini for Wednesday evening!

This morning I ordered lots of different coloured wool so I can make more accurately coloured little crochet pals. Today’s TV viewing has involved Sunday Brunch and Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Movie Ever, and the crochet creature I’ve made is a cuttlefish, but he only has seven legs because I couldn’t fit the eighth one on. I’m now doing a jellyfish. A whole army of sea friends! Oh god that’s depressing. 

My arms are misbehaving and being fat but no other part of me is so that’s a mystery. I’ll keep an eye on it. 

Deciding what I want to eat on my birthday. I’m thinking French toast or pancakes.