The 1st & 2nd; Not the greatest way to start a year.

January 4, 2015 — 2 Comments

The 1st of January. 

Well this is not the greatest way to start a year – hooked up to a constant 3 litres of oxygen, coughing a lot but nothing productive and being somewhat worried by the savage attack the wind is wreaking on the building. 

So my New Year’s Day has not been particularly eventful as one can imagine. Mommy, Daddy and Christine have all been here in various combinations, and in between them I even saw a doctor called Ben. He let me know that the correct type of CT has been ordered and everybody knows I am allergic to the dye, and that Igor is back tomorrow! I’m sure the joy felt at our reunion will be mutual. 

Daddy and Christine brought me a chocolate chip pancake which would have been lovely except for the fact that there were secret sultanas in it which were upsetting (sorry Christine ily) so I had some of my Buck’s Fizz marmalade on a breadbun instead. They went home for New Year’s Day lunch, which Mommy brought a plate of in for me to have warmed up, but I really didn’t have the appetite for anything. Daddy and Christine came back and we all watched Esio Trot together before they went home for the evening. I can’t talk a lot because it sets off coughing fits, but that’s okay. Being together is enough. 

The 2nd of January. 

Still no closer to knowing what’s wrong with me. Well, not totally true. I had a scan so hopefully someone will look at it tomorrow and might be able to give me a diagnosis. 

It seems my arms have nearly deflated, but my breathing is still utter dreadful, so we really are relying on the scan to tell us what’s what. I swear if there’s no one able to look at it tomorrow I will weep. 

Today I’ve written up eight days of blog posts in draft and my back really hurts. Combination of coughing, sleeping weirdly, sitting weirdly to breathe, compensating for all of that – it’s going to be hell next time I go to the chiropractor. Mommy brought me food and we had fun with masks as she went in and out of the room. Daddy came back to swap cars with her after he’d taken Christine back to Twickers, so he was a bit snoozy but that’s okay.

My viral swabs have not even come back from Heartlands yet. Do I even have the flu? Agggh. 



2 responses to The 1st & 2nd; Not the greatest way to start a year.


    I hope someone’s been able to analyse your test results.

    Happy 2015, may you be out of hospital as soon as possible xxxx

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