The 5th & 6th; My blog entries are going to sound very monotonous.

January 8, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 5th of January. 

I hate the flu. I have aggravated a rib in my back and it hurts ever such a lot. However, I can’t go to the chiro until I stop coughing. I’m currently debating whether I move downstairs for the time being because climbing the stairs last night was incredibly difficult. 

Today I have moved as little as possible – only leaving my chair to go to the bathroom. Moving anywhere is so much effort – I think this is the same flu I had in 2009 when I had aspergillus, rhinovirus and shingles as well. I could barely walk across my hospital cubicle then. 

Alison and Jonathan came over briefly this afternoon and Jonathan was delighted to see Hamilton but he got bitten. He has not been put off though! He was also fascinated by my crocheting so I gave him one of my many scarves. I ordered some stitch markers from Etsy and once they arrive I can try to do some things following simple patterns. 

The 6th of January. 

Okay to be honest, until I get over this flu, my blog entries are going to sound very monotonous. I didn’t sleep well because I was coughing. It takes me about an hour to get out of bed, brush my teeth and get dressed at the moment. If I were to do my hair or make up, it’d be twice the time, I imagine. 

I spent my day in my chair, watching TV and crocheting. I made a stuffed thing from a pattern in a magazine and it is not at all cute like the picture – mine is really creepy! Admittedly I made some adaptations with sewing instead of using buttons and felt. Maybe I’ll take off what I’ve done and do what it says. 

I’m also making a little pouch to keep my stitch markers in. That’s not very exciting though. 

I got on the scales yesterday and everything’s fine. I think being poorly post-Christmas may have been quite handy – one doesn’t have to try to eat well when one doesn’t have an appetite for all the chocolate anymore. 

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