The 11th & 12th; All I’ve done today is make a very cute bear and a hamster.

January 13, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 11th of January. 

Slept in until ten today! Mommy had to come and wake me up after they’d come back from taking Grandma to church. We flushed my line, still fine, hope that’s still the case on Wednesday. 
I’ve had the TV on today but my concentration has mainly gone on putting up a blogpost and working on a stuffed teddy bear. I still need to do his legs. 
Unexciting lyrics, that is all for the day! Just been ever so industrious, crocheting away. 
The 12th of January. 
I’m afraid to say it’s been another very quiet day of crocheting. I had a fun phone call to the DWP about starting my PIP claim. I knew I’d need to be reassessed in April 2015 but I hadn’t really thought about it because I didn’t expect to still be alive right now, to be honest. 
But apart from that, all I’ve done today is make a very cute bear and a hamster. I’m getting a little bit obsessed with this but as I’m still stuck on oxygen and can’t leave the house, I may as well produce something cute. Tonight is going to be my first night without a chemical sleep aid since New Year so I’m not expecting a great night. 

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