The 13th & 14th; He quickly knew not to cross me.

January 15, 2015

The 13th of January. 

Yeah sleeping did not go well. I think I eventually drifted off some time after two, and woke up about quarter past nine. Things are still slowly improving – coughing much less, and tonight I have the oxygen on 1.5 litres which I hope I can sustain. 

All I have done today is write up a very short blog post, receive my new slippers in the post after Hamilton chewed up my old ones, then work on my second, correct size bunny. All he needs is ears which I might get done tonight if I am a busy bee. 

On my timehop today I learned that three and four years ago, I had some sort of cough or flu. I hate winter illnesses – I want to be able to move freely again!

The 14th of January. 

Day one of photopheresis, so essentially a day at hospital. It did not begin well – the nurses on 621 rang the porters so someone would meet us at the car with a wheelchair and oxygen at 11:15. We arrived at about ten past and parked in the drop off point, and Mommy went to the information desk to make sure someone was coming. She was told someone was on his way so she came to wait with me but no one came for 15 minutes, so I rang up 621 and they rang the porters again, and after 30 minutes of sitting outside in the freezing cold, a man finally appeared. While I was waiting by myself, a car park man came to tell me we had to move because we’d been there longer than 15 minutes, so I told him he could take it up with the hospital as we were supposed to have been met by the porter 20 minutes ago. He quickly knew not to cross me. 

ECP itself was fine and rather uneventful, and when leaving, we didn’t want to wait for the porters again so thought we’d see if I could manage to get to the car with no oxygen if I concentrated on just breathing, and I made it! So we’ll do that in the morning, not waiting around again. 

We got home at about four, so I’ve not really done any crocheting today, just had a go at some cable stitching which I think I’ve got the hang of.