The 19th & 20th; It’s my birthday tomorrow!

January 21, 2015 — 2 Comments

The 19th of January. 

Urgh today has not gone so well. We went out this morning to get some stuff for my birthday cake, sawdust and bedding for Hamilton, and tape that Mommy needs to finish off Grandma’s duvet cover. 

While we were out, even though I was wearing my fur, I got really, really cold. It felt like it was inside my bones, and I have only come to a reasonable temperature in the last hour – all afternoon I’ve been in my knitted trousers and wrapped in shawls. I felt so incredibly crappy, I’ve barely done any crocheting, just six tentacles to finish off the jellyfish. I also haven’t even eaten the crodough I got from Waitrose yet. 

Now I’m really quite warm, so my body temperature needs to come down to a more regular one. 

The 20th of January. 

Today has been much better. I had breakfast upstairs, then Mommy washed my hair so it will be nice for my birthday, even though we won’t be going out. I got very cold again this morning when I came downstairs – it’s like the living room is just too cold for me. I had my jeans and a jumper on, then a blanket over my legs, one of Grandma’s cardigans, a huge scarf and a hot wheat bag thing that you microwave. I also had some paracetamol early so my temperature didn’t skyrocket again, but it took until lunchtime for me to get back to normal. 

Mommy’s friend Rosemary came round for lunch, so it was nice to talk to her for a bit before the two of them decamped to the dining room, and I made a little tweety bird who is very sweet. I could make several in different colours then turn it into a mobile. 

I’ve done really well with the oxygen today too – I only had it on for a bit this morning, then haven’t had to put it back on since maybe eleven o’clock-ish? Very pleased with that. 

It’s my birthday tomorrow!

2 responses to The 19th & 20th; It’s my birthday tomorrow!


    I look forward to your blogs and hope you have a happy birthday x


    Happy Birthday Kathryn. I hope you are able to enjoy your day!!!! I love the bird. Sharon. xx

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