The 31st & 1st; I’ve felt really rather grotty all day.

February 3, 2015 — 3 Comments

The 31st of January. 

It feels like not a lot has happened today. Things started off well, with when flushing my line, Mommy drew back on the red lumen, and it bled! This was very unexpected so we both squealed with excitement, then composed ourselves and finished flushing it. 

Normal Saturday morning – Saturday Kitchen, blog post, paper, sudoku, crossword, magazine. Becky came over briefly to see the hats that Joan has given Mommy to potentially wear to Becky’s wedding. 

This afternoon, Daddy and I went to see Big Hero 6, which was lots of fun as expected. There is a tiny sad bit which obviously made me cry because I am slightly emotionally unstable. Very good though. I would recommend. 

This evening I have worked out how much wool I need to do 2/3 of the animals in Edward’s Menagerie, my theory being that I will have some left over, then I won’t over-buy to finish them. 

The 1st of February. 

Oh, I wish I had more to say about today but so little has happened. When I went downstairs, Mommy and Daddy were out taking Grandma to church, so I went to the kitchen to get my juice and water. It did not go well – I ended up rather exhausted. 

I’ve felt really rather grotty all day – something inside me has just felt off. I don’t think there’s anything physically wrong with me, I just felt crappy. I suspect I need a massive sleep so tonight might be an early one. 

To pass the day, I have been crocheting Georgina the Hippo. She has a body, head and three legs so far. 

God yep I have literally nothing else to say. My apologies. 


3 responses to The 31st & 1st; I’ve felt really rather grotty all day.


    To: Kathryn Cartwright.
    I was going through a magazine in a restaurant when I came across your piece about never been in love, and with no chance of it.
    Well, what I want to share is about a love like no other, One who loves and loves completely without a reservation. Not only that, He can turn a hopeless case around and bring hope. Infact, He can heal the sick and raise the dead.
    His name is Jesus. He came to the world to die for sinful mankind so that we can be reconciled back to God. He loves and cares for you and wants to be your Friend (John3:16).
    You can know Him by asking Him into your heart through this prayer: Lord Jesus come into my heart. I’m sorry for living my life without You all this while, and for all my sins. Please forgive me and come into my life. I accept you as my Saviour and Lord in Jesus name, amen. Seek God through the comfort of the Scriptures. The Word of God has life in it. God bless you. Read the Bible.


      You clearly haven’t read anything more than that one piece. If you had, you’d maybe know that I don’t believe in God and don’t take kindly to people trying to enforce their religion upon me. That’s all.


    I hope the second and third are proving a bit better for you!! X

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