The 2nd & 3rd; I’m just on a run of dodgy days.

February 4, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 2nd of February. 

Well I tried to have an early night and I took a Zopiclone but it didn’t really seem to work. I might try again tonight as I don’t have to get up super early like I did today. 

We had to be out at half past eight to drop Daddy off at the GPS for his Wellman check up (he is fine), then go to the QE for my ambulatory oxygen assessment. I wasn’t waiting long to be seen, then I was taken into a much larger room than usual in that area, with a treadmill and bikes which I did not feel optimistic about. Thankfully I didn’t have to use those. First, they put some Deep Heat cream on my earlobes to increase blood flow, then they took some blood from it to analyse my oxygen levels. Then they put a sats probe on my ear and I had to walk up and down the room for six minutes (with rests if needed). I managed to walk for two minutes, rest for a minute, then do the same again. My sats dropped to 86 and my heart rare went up to 160. They took the monitor and analysed the data, then I did it again carrying a little cylinder on 2 litres. My numbers weren’t as bad that time, so they’re going to organise some little cylinders to be delivered this week. 

When we were done, we had a brief meeting with Helen, my CLIC Sargent social worker, about my PIP form, then we decided to go to Boston Tea Party for lunch before going to visit Oliver and Fran at BCH. I had butternut squash mac’n’cheese. It was really yummy, but too much for me to finish. I don’t know how a woman near me ate all of it and a cake!

When we were finished, we went over the road to see Oliver and Fran (Sarah, we would have visited you and Wills too but you were up in Rotherham!). He was sleeping when we arrived as he’d been to theatre for an endoscopy, so we just talked about what was going on with all of us until he decided to wake. He was a little bit grumpy at first, but just as we were having to leave, he started being a bit more smiley (though I am sure the two events were not connected). 

Tonight I think I will finish Georgina the Hippo, then I’m not sure who I’ll do next. Ooh the suspense. 

The 3rd of February. 

Oh dear, I’m just on a run of dodgy days. I barely slept at all last night, I don’t know why. I was too cold so I got another blanket, my throat hurt, my brain wouldn’t turn off. I needed a fair bit of oxygen this morning when I finally got up, then really wasn’t interested in breakfast or coffee which is clearly abnormal. 

So today’s been very quiet – I finished Georgina, but had no motivation to start another one. This afternoon/evening I’ve started working on a different elephant, but there isn’t much of him so far. 

I would very much like a Zopiclone tonight but have to get up super early for my venogram. They might give me some nice sleepy drugs though so that would certainly help. 



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