The 12th & 13th; Last hospital day!

February 15, 2015 — 1 Comment

The 12th of February. 

Ugh. Up at half six to leave the house at eight. I had lung function tests at nine which is never my favourite. It was a nice lady though who knows which tests I hate so we got those out of the way. We had to do one twice as the kit was broken and saying my lungs were three times the size they are, which I think we would have noticed. I also discovered that they have a new machine that just scans you and knows what your lungs are doing. I would prefer that. Then I saw Dr. Thompson and he said my results were a bit worse but that is not surprising considering the flu etc. 

Then at 11:30 we went up to level 6 for photopheresis. Except I didn’t get started until half past one. My blue lumen decided it felt left out and didn’t want to bleed, and the red was being very sluggish and they just weren’t working with the machine. They put urokinase in both and left them for an hour, then they bled! Hurrah! So I finally got going and we left at about half past three. 

Since we got home, I’ve had my first Valentine’s card from Pam and Alan – Alan is my paternal Grandma’s cousin, bless them, and painted my nails pink in an attempt to be festive. 

The 13th of February. 

Last hospital day! For now, anyway. Until the venoplasty but I still don’t know when that’ll be and it’s making me antsy. I had to get up at six today to be at Radio WM for ten to eight. So early – I am so sleepy now. I got greeted by Alex, my old pal from back in the day at drama school who’s now in radio (obviously) and then we sat and waited in the production area until it was my turn to go in to the studio. I wasn’t on for long, but I was able to tell my story and get my point about donation across, which I think I did well. Then we came home. 

I had a coffee and finished the final parts of Grandma’s bear, then Daddy and I went to the QE for photopheresis again. My line bled beautifully today, but then I got a time of 61 minutes! We still escaped earlier than yesterday – two o’clock! I gave Nic Cedric the Crippled Cuttlefish (because he’s only got seven legs) because she’s leaving and we’ll miss her. He’s going to live in her car, Gertie. 

Since getting home, I’ve finished Grandma’s bear and started on a bunny for a lady on twitter. 

One response to The 12th & 13th; Last hospital day!


    I love the bear. Your posts have inspired me to buy the book! The trouble is I have rather a lot of other projects to finish first! I bought it as an ebook because it was cheaper that way, I’m not sure how I feel about that yet, I haven’t worked a pattern from my tablet before! I hope you hear about your venoplasty date soon. Sharon. x

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