The 24th & 25th; It was awful.

February 27, 2015 — 1 Comment

The 24th of February. 

Okay so I’m still here. Slight change of plan. This morning I woke up insanely, painfully swollen. I could feel my face in a way that usually, one cannot. Igor did a bit of a double take when he saw me as I don’t think he could quite believe the amount I’d expanded since last night. Anyway. My infection markers are now negligible, so he said we could either take the line out today, or pin down Andrew and see if he could inflate my veins in the next 24 hours. Something magic happened, because he’s going to squeeze me into his list tomorrow! What time, I don’t know, I am just grateful to be being fixed!

My neighbour snores extremely loudly. Earlier, she went down for an endoscopy, but upon her return, she phoned multiple people to tell them she’d had keyhole surgery, and had a bag outside which some bile was draining into. Sounds like gallstones to me. Anyway, she fell asleep and her snoring was becoming incredibly irritating. Thankfully, she got so loud that she woke herself up. It was quite phenomenal. 

Had to disagree with nurse Rowel tonight as he tried to give me 80 of clexane when I’d distinctly heard Igor say to do 40. Sorry but pretty sure nobody would cut me if I was going to just bleed everywhere. 

The 25th of February. 

Waiting is the worst. I had double Zopiclone last night so I’d definitely sleep, which was pleasant, until I was woken by people offering me breakfast even though I was nil by mouth. I declined. 

Igor came and said it would be between ten and three, so Mommy and I just twiddled our thumbs, waiting for angio to call. I am so glad I’ve been able to hijack the wifi for TV or it would have been even more dull. We had just started watching Graham Norton on iPlayer just after two when the nurse came to get me!

She and a porter took me down on my bed, and we did all the checklist bits. There was a man snoring in recovery so loudly that the ward manager had to come and find out what the noise was! Lovely Bruce who always looks after me was there and he came to make sure I was okay. Everything was fine until the actual procedure was happening. It wasn’t Andrew, it was the man who did half of the venogram. A nurse was doing the sedation – I had 4 of midazolam and 50 of fentanyl but it didn’t seem to work at all – I felt all three inflations. It was awful and I got really tearful. Andrew came to see me in recovery and he felt really bad and said next time I must have more because I seem to be building up a tolerance. Bruce came to talk to me to take my mind off things, then Rowel came and I got some taken back. 

I cried at Mommy, then I was supposed to lie flat for four hours, but I decided to do it for two, then I sat up for an hour. I was allowed to leave at seven, we had fish fingers for tea, and now I just want to start deflating. 

One response to The 24th & 25th; It was awful.


    Hello Kathryn,
    I don’t have a twitter account,but wanted to send you very best wishes.I have absolutely no idea how you cope,but please try for your family,friends and and many unseen admirers.You are a fantastic,inspirational young woman.

    Ann 💖

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