The 10th & the 11th; I have literally lost count of the amount of people I have lost.

March 13, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 10th of March. 

Oh, my muscles are aware I worked out yesterday and they are punishing me for it. I am walking with a very bizarre gait today. Must stretch more tomorrow after I go in to properly sign up.

This morning I wrote up a blog post and I’ve made the body of an elephant. I also found out that Miss Jackson died this morning. She was the most feared and legendary of games teachers, ruling key stage 4 with an iron first and spotting illegal jewellery and nail polish a mile off. She was terrifying, but she was fair. And now she shares an anniversary with someone I deeply cared about called Richard. He was first diagnosed during my relapse, then he relapsed when my liver was falling. He and his family were a huge source of strength and friendship to us and I still miss him a lot.

I have literally lost count of the amount of people I have lost. That’s a sad thing to say at 24.

The 11th of March.

Fuck I am cold and it is because I do indeed need blood. We went up to 621 at the QE to check my bloods and my haemoglobin is only 8.9 when it really ought to be at least 10. Not enough red blood cells pootling about in my veins.

So after that, Mommy took me to the gym so I could sign up properly, then do some working out. I spent about two hours there, doing my work and watching other people. I am considerably weaker than most, if not all of the other people in the gym. I was watching one girl who can pull down twice what I do, and another girl who could push out at least 20kg more than me on the abduction machine. I’ll get there. Eventually. Maybe. 

Daddy picked me up and I had my lunch, and since then, I have been working on the elephant’s head intermittently. I am planning on a very early night as I have to get up super early for my blood before photopheresis in the morning.

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