The 26th & 27th; Today I made my own breakfast and coffee for the first time since last year.

March 30, 2015 — 1 Comment

The 26th of March.

Today I feel kind of listless and restless at the same time. I slept in, and spent the morning breakfasting and blogging before getting dressed – if I got dressed and put steroid cream on first, breakfast would have been very late. At noon, we went out to Tamworth because Mommy needed cards from Hobbycraft for the cross-stitches she’s done for Easter cards, but they had none of the right size. However, I got a hoodie for the gym from H&M, so it wasn’t a totally ways trip.

This afternoon, I have made the bunny’s ears, and tonight I shall make the tail, then sew it up.

I am very sad about the plane crash in the Alps, and today there is news that the co-pilot deliberately crashed it to commit suicide. One of the few reasons I haven’t killed myself is because I know how selfish it would be, to hurt the people I love like that. But to take 149 other people with me is beyond my comprehension.

The 27th of March.

Okay well suddenly we have a plan. Igor phoned me this morning after Katie had been to flush my line (one lumen dribbled, the other did nothing), and Ram had indeed spoken to Andrew this morning. They had a long discussion and the plan is that on Tuesday, Igor will take my line out, and on Wednesday, Andrew’ll put a new apheresis line into my femoral vein. Which is in my groin, if you weren’t aware. Fun. Also my there’s a chance that once the line comes out of my chest, the vein could block and stop the blood getting above there, so we’ll need to watch out for that. It’s unlikely, but possible. It’s fixable if it does happen – our friend the stent.

This afternoon I was back at the gym before probably being off for a week – we’ll be in Wales this weekend, then Monday in Miss Jackson’s funeral, Tuesday the line comes out, Wednesday the new line goes in, then I’ll need to recover. I am definitely getting stronger and it feels so good. Today I made my own breakfast and coffee for the first time since last year.


One response to The 26th & 27th; Today I made my own breakfast and coffee for the first time since last year.


    So glad you are finally getting something done about your line. do hope all goes well. x

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