The 30th & 31st; I am a brave girl, apparently.

April 2, 2015 — 1 Comment

The 30th of March.

Busy day number one! I had a text from Asha at That’s Life asking to postpone our interview until Thursday, which was fine with me as it meant I could go and help Becky assemble wedding invitations. I got over there just before eleven and spent nearly two hours putting double sided tape on edges and sticking hearts and sparkly bits on. That sounds awfully tacky but they are in fact lovely.

I came home for lunch to find Mommy with frozen peas on her face, and it transpired that she’d slipped over in the Tesco car park and landed on her side/face. She doesn’t look too bad, just a very bruised cheek. I have tried to give her hugs but she is a bit battered so I can’t squeeze too tightly.

This afternoon was Miss Jackson’s funeral. It was like an incredibly bizarre reunion – so many old girls and teachers. It was really nice to reminisce about the old days, falling immediately into old rhythms, despite the morbidity of the circumstances. At the wake, I caught up some teachers, including Miss Insch which was good. I still credit her with my decision to go for the second stem cell transplant. Sometimes I miss school – it seems so easy now. I am grateful we didn’t have Twitter then. Had that been the case, I’m not sure I would have done so well at GCSE’s. We didn’t stay too long as Mommy’s face was hurting and she didn’t feel great.

Tonight I will get at least one blog post up as I’m behind, and I’ll look forward to finally getting my line out tomorrow!      

The 31st of March.

This might be pretty short as I’m trying to squeeze it in before we have to go out again. I’ll explain.

This morning, I just got dressed and started on Alice’s aardvark, then this afternoon, I was at the QE to have my line taken out. We arrived at two, as that’s when my appointment was, but Igor for delayed for some reason, so we didn’t get started until nearly three. It took about an hour, as the line is really thick so it’s hard to cut through, and it was really deeply embedded in the scar tissue so he really had to tug a lot to free it. Igor and Marcia were very complimentary about my stoicism while he put the local anaesthetic in. I am a brave girl, apparently. They must just get lots of wusses because the four or five injections it takes are really not that bad.

Once it was out, I had to hang about for an hour and a half just to observe me, and tonight I’m going back to 625 to hopefully have the new line in tomorrow. I say “hopefully” as Andrew was off today, but his list tomorrow isn’t cancelled, so I’ll be there if it happens, and if it is off then I’ll just go home! So right now we’re going to have dinner, pack a bag and be back on our way! I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that we’re on tomorrow.

One response to The 30th & 31st; I am a brave girl, apparently.


    Glad it all came out okay. I Hope all has gone well with the new one. x

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