The 3rd & 4th; Always happy to host multiple comedians.

April 5, 2015

The 3rd of April.

Another terrible night! I will be awfully distressed if I have a third one but I don’t want to take a Zopiclone as I don’t want to be dozy when Romesh comes.

This morning, we re-dressed my wound as it had bled a lot, then we watched Masterchef and The Truth About Fat from last night, because we watched the leaders’ debate then. I still haven’t decided who I will vote for, but I know it won’t be Farage or Cameron. Farage spouted pure bile, and I’m not prepared to let Cameron do any more damage.

After lunch, I took Christine to the gym with me because I can do that on Fridays. I just did arm and chest work – no legs today. I noticed while there that my right leg is significantly larger than my left. My foot was puffy this morning, so I took 40mg of furosemide but it hasn’t helped – I’ve just swelled more.

Upon arrival home, I had a little cry at the futility of my conflict with my body, then texted Igor to find out what we should do. And back to 622 it was. Now it happens that the junior doctor on today was a girl that was in my year at school. Not weird at all. The reg decided to send me for an ultrasound to rule out a clot or haematoma. The porter came to get me, and two nice doctors scanned my leg, compressing the veins and taking pictures. They commented on how easy I was to scan because I am slim. There was nothing there, so basically, this is a fairly common complication, and it might go down in a few days. If not, I’m back on Thursday.

The 4th of April.

Well I took a Zopiclone, then had a lot of coffee this morning so I was perfectly perky. We made some vegan sweet potato brownies, and I read the weekend Guardian. Much of the magazine was politicians on blind dates and since the debate, I really couldn’t be bothered with more of that.

This afternoon, Romesh came over and he brought Matt Richardson with him! Always happy to host multiple comedians. Basically we just hung out in my living room, drinking tea, eating brownies and trading stories of gigs, people we knew, the deficit. I do enjoy having the comedians round – I feel like they’re already my friends from the radiop/tv/twitter, so I just talk to them like that. It’s fun.

They left about half four months so I’ve watched Rise of the Guardians and finished the aardvark head. Christine feels to urge to make trifle which I have tried to stop but it seems trifle is happening and I’ll be unhappy about it. I really hate trifle.

Easter tomorrow! All of the chocolate!