The 5th & 6th; Sun on my skin.

April 7, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 5th of April.

My right foot looked good this morning, but it has got puffier as the day’s gone on, despite furosemide. I had a reasonable sleep, staying in bed until about nine. I watched Sunday Brunch in my pyjamas, then after Grandma had been brought over, we washed my hair and I got properly dressed.

I did a blog post, then it was lunchtime! Much lamb, then much chocolate. I’ve got through one egg so far. Sometimes I do wish I could eat more – my stomach is so small, and I think my liver contributes to it as well.

I’ve made two aardvark legs while munching chocolate. I’m not sure I’ll fit anything else in tonight.

The 6th of April.

Keeping a close eye on my right leg. It seems to be less bad as I’ve got socks on that aren’t tightly gripping my calf. I actually slept reasonably well last night – I think I was catching up on the sleep I’ve recently missed. So I was in bed until nearly ten, didn’t get downstairs until gone half past, so by the time I finished breakfast, the morning was nearly gone. I made an aardvark leg while catching up on TOWIE, then after lunch and half an egg, I thought I’d better go to the gym.

I spent a couple of hours there, just doing upper body work as I’m wary of stressing my legs too much right now. The bruise near the exit site is developing into many colours now. Delightful. Neil commended me on coming in a) on a Bank Holiday and b) while the weather is so lovely. It has been so warm today! I can’t wait for summer, it is my favourite. Sun on my skin, dresses, walking (if I can). I feel alive and warm and free.

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