The 7th & 8th; I feel terrible about it.

April 9, 2015 — 1 Comment

The 7th of April.

Another warm day! Surely this can’t last. I went out this morning with Mommy to take Christine to the station, then we went to the Apple shop. My Macbook Pro might have a virus, but every time I try to book an appointment, it tells me there aren’t any available. Ever, it seems. So I spoke to the lady on the door and I now have an appointment to take it in on Monday. Then we had a quick bimble around the Selfridges Easter sale and I got a Milka egg down from £7.99 to £1.99, and some Fiona Cairns cakes down to £2.99, so I think those were decent bargains.

Popped into M&S on the way back for cheese (v. important), then this afternoon I made the aardvark’s ears and tail, and now I’ve sewn him up so I can give him to Alice. Joan came round, wondering if Daddy was home as she’s having a problem with her phone, so I’ve promised to send him round as soon as he gets home from work. She was telling me not to get old; it’s no good. Don’t worry Joan, I don’t intend to.

The 8th of April.

I’m a sleepy bear today, I’ve obviously worn myself out at the gym. I spent my morning doing a lot of nothing, literally nothing productive at all. After lunch, Mommy took me to the gym. Got to (slowly) burn off those Easter eggs. While there, I stopped the doctor who did my ultrasound on Friday! Bit weird. Thankfully, she didn’t spot me. I did nothing different to Monday, but afterwards, I found I’d made my leg bleed, so we cleaned the site and put a new dressing on when we got home.

Becky came over for tea and to show us her and James’ engagement photos. They are lovely, despite the rather drizzly weather. She has been doing spin classes which sound like actual hell. No thank you.

I have very little to say and I feel terrible about it for the people who still read even when nothing interesting is happening. I have my first photopheresis tomorrow with the new line, and seeing as it’s so much bigger than the last one, in theory it should be even quicker! That would be fun.

One response to The 7th & 8th; I feel terrible about it.


    The Aardvark is great! It really isn’t a boring read. It is always interesting to read how you are getting on. Your leg looks so sore, I hope it soon recovers!! Take care. Sharon x

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