The 27th & 28th; My followers are great.

April 29, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 27th of April.

Ughhh I am so sleepy. We think my haemoglobin might be low, so going to 621 tomorrow to have it checked.

I was awake at nine, and before Mommy went to see Grandma, we packed up some sandals to go back to Asos and the pig off to Buckinghamshire. I spent my morning writing a blog post and I found the iMac needed an update so it’s been doing that all day.

I was back at the chiro this afternoon for more lower-back/bum massaging. I’m back next Tuesday for more. The spasm has been a right bastard but I will be back at the gym tomorrow afternoon, working the muscle and stretching it out.

Once we got back, we watched two episodes of Criminal Minds. I am just so tired, I would like a massive sleep tonight.

The 28th of April.

Busy! Well, busy for me. I got up at half past nine, despite my possibly anaemic body not wanting me to. After breakfast and coffee, we toddled off to the QE to have my bloods checked to see if I do need blood before we go away next week. They couldn’t tell me straight away like normal as their analyser had broken, so I’ll check myhealth later.

After we’d had lunch and Mommy had taken Grandma to fellowship, she took me to the gym and I’ve spent all afternoon there. A good three hours of hard work, and very few youths today! The sweaty one was there, and either he or his friend smelled really bad which was upsetting.

When checking my email, I discovered that Fortnum & Mason have brought out a marmalade hamper, so I tweeted that if anyone wanted to buy me a random present, this existed, and bless them, someone is! My followers are great.

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