The 29th & 30th; I hope it does what I intend.

May 1, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 29th of April.

It’s been a rather dull day of waiting. I had a fairly crappy night after waking up just after one having had some terrifying dreams about Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen, not Anthony Hopkins). I did go back to sleep, but only after several podcasts. I was awake again at eight, then at half past nine, I had a phone call from Igor who’d looked at my blood results from yesterday km, and my haemoglobin was fine, but he was concerned about my white count being over 13 and my platelets being 740, which is very high. Mine are usually in the 400-500 range. High platelets can be a reaction to something, so he wanted me back for more bloods to check my CRP amongst other things, and if that was high then I might need a couple of days of IV antibiotics.

Our car was in the garage being fixed, but when Mommy explained to the man that we needed to go to the QE, he gave us a courtesy car because the QE saved his life. We got there around 12, I had all the bloods taken, plus a urine sample, and Igor sent a minion to have a look at me. We came home, and have just waited for phone calls – one for the car, one for my bloods. Mine came first, just after half four – my CRP is 47 so that’s fine, then the car was ready not long later!

I also had a phone call from That’s Life! to read back the story which comes out on the 14th of May. I had to make a few amendments but overall it’s good; I hope it does what I intend.

The 30th of April.

Better sleep, no terrifying Hannibal dreams. Mommy and Daddy both had bad dreams that night too so we are blaming the leftover lamb we are for dinner. I watched This Morning, then after lunch, Mommy took me to the gym. I have determined that the sweaty boy is the origin of the bad smell I have smelled, which is not super surprising. I leg pressed 20kg! This is the most I have done and I am very pleased. Nothing else particularly interesting happened, except for an old man (will, late sixties) doing a headstand on the mat next to me which I found slightly concerning, but thankfully he came down in a controlled manner, rather than crashing down like I feared.

I had a brainwave while there that the gym is a prime picking ground for blood and stem cell donors. All these fit people! I noticed a guy (who greatly resembles Tom Daley) lifting a barbell which made his veins hugely prominent and I thought he would make a really excellent donor. I think I will talk to Neil, the manager, about this.

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