The 11th & 12th; I may legit explode.

May 13, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 11th of May.

Not a great sleep but it could’ve been worse. The sunlight wakes me at about five. But the view is worth it. Daddy and Christine had been out so I asked them to bring me back a pastry and coffee. I was not expecting the biggest pain au chocolat in the world! I only ate half.

Mommy washed my hair, then we all went out in the car to see Bridport (we didn’t get out; there was nothing there), then we went to West Bay aka Broadchurchland. We found a café where Mommy and Christine had a scone each and I had coffee. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much else there so we drove somewhere else to The Hive Beach Café. This was much better. Three of us had can sandwiches while Daddy had soup. The only bad thing was that it was insanely hot in there, like a big plastic conservatory, so after a while I started feeling a bit shit. As soon as we got back to Lyme and got out of the car, I felt better.

This afternoon I have done puzzles on the sofa and started reading Matt Haig’s Reasons To Stay Alive. It is all me in there. Amazing. For dinner, we went to Hix, where my fish fingers, mushy peas and chips were good, but Mommy was really unimpressed with her Fisherman’s Spelt, plus our food was very late, so we complained. The maître d’ felt really bad so we got our puddings free. At one point, we had mild hysterics over some pillows we’d had in a house in Newquay that smelled of fish. 

Eaten so much, I may legit explode.

The 12th of May.

I woke up at five this morning but managed to get a couple more hours of rest in, if not proper sleep. For my breakfast, I had the other half of the enormous pain au chocolat, then I took my book round to The Galley so I could read it while I drank my morning coffee.

When it was finished, I had a look in the a couple of shops but found nothing of particular interest, so I bought some fudge (vanilla, butterscotch, sea salt), then I went to my favourite bookshop, The Sanctuary. I bought a Discworld novel, as is traditional – Small Gods, The Human Factor by Graham Greene, Metamorphosis and Other Stories by Franz Kafka, The Outsider by Albert Camus and The Dead School by Patrick McCabe for about £15. So good.

I met Mommy, and we walked down to The Town Mill Bakery. We drank apple juice while waiting for Daddy and Christine, then we went all had lunch. I had a giant sausage roll. We had a look in some more shops afterwards, then we came back to the house for Christine to get her stuff before we took her to Axminster station to get the train home. The three of us then had drinks and cake (am excellent lemon drizzle) at River Cottage Deli and Canteen, then came home again.

I’ve made the basic head of Rufus (no mane yet) and I feel like having a rest before tea.





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