The 31st & 1st; I would feel like an independent person, not a patient in a chair.

June 2, 2015 — 3 Comments

The 31st of May.

The three lorazepam worked, eventually. I’d like to do it again tonight but I’m not sure it would be wise. I still have no voiceKathryn Retains Some Independence at all, which is displeasing. I thought it might have started to come back by now. I woke up from my chemical-induced sleep about ten, then I watched Sunday Brunch and did a blog post – nothing of note.

This afternoon, I’ve been incredibly boring but I’ve finally been able to back up my phone! Considering that hasn’t happened since the start of December, I’m glad it’s done.

I’ve been feeling somewhat despondent about my lack of love life. As much as I make out like I’m okay with it, that it’s my decision, it’s only because my hand was forced. No sane person would want to be my boyfriend, and the only way to even be able to kiss someone ever again would have to be with some random drunk stranger, but when does the opportunity for that ever arise? So here I am, forever alone, with only my memories.

The 1st of June.

I had the lorazepam. I figure as long as I am coughing this much and nothing needs to be remembered, I’ll carry on. I won’t take it on Tuesday night because I want to remember going to The Hand and Flowers on Wednesday (which I am super-excited for). 

I got up late again. I was supposed to be at the chiro today but there is no point while I’m still coughing. Next week will be incredibly painful as I can already feel how tense my neck is.

While Mommy was at Grandma’s, I shaved and moisturised my legs as I’d like to wear a dress on Wednesday. I also spent some time trying to sort out the Photo app on the iMac. I have to repair the library and ugh it is a bore.

I was thinking about how if I’m ever going to go out by myself again, I’m going to need a powered wheelchair. When I’m being pushed, I feel like a giant baby, like someone who needs to be cared for. At least if I was getting around under my own steam, I would feel like an independent person, not a patient in a chair. We can’t afford the chair that would be best for us (one that we can lift and fold) so I’ve set up a GoFundMe page, and so far people have been so generous. Here is the link if you would like to contribute: Kathryn Retains Some Independence




3 responses to The 31st & 1st; I would feel like an independent person, not a patient in a chair.


    I’m also looking into that chair, and it’s on amazon for significantly less. With careco it comes witha few months of insurance, but I thought i’d send you the link just so you know.


    I hope you manage to get the wheelchair. I have a wheelchair but also a small mobility scooter that can go in the car. You can get these second hand from about £200. I love the extra independence it gives me and of course the kids enjoy ragging it around too 🙂

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