The 28th & 29th; This afternoon, I was under a blanket.

June 30, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 28th of June.

I feel pretty crappy. I’m still more breathless than normal, even though the cough is barely there now. I think I’m going to text Igor – get my bloods checked and see what he thinks about having a venogram. When I got downstairs this morning, I was coughing a lot from being all dry, so I needed a drink, but couldn’t move to get it and Mommy and Daddy were taking Grandma to church. I got to the kitchen eventually. Watched Sunday Brunch, ate brands on toast, had my hair washed. 

This afternoon, Mommy and I watched the start of a new series on BBC4 called Cordon from Belgium, and it’s pretty terrifying. The premise of that kind of aggressive flu epidemic is really scary. No wonder I wash my hands all the time. 

Daddy brought up the cheery topic of my will at the dinner table. I know I need to do one, but it feels like tempting fate. I don’t want to be ready to go. 

The 29th of June.

It feels like summer outside but not in my body. Still weary and cold – this afternoon, I was under a blanket. I rang the photopheresis team because I’m there on Thursday and Friday, and they said to go in to have my bloods checked. 

We had to wait until this afternoon, because this morning, Mommy was helping.Sheila with the toddler group round the corner. Jo took some blood and ran it through their machine, and unsurprisingly, my haemoglobin is on the low side – 9.2. They’re going to order some blood and I’ll go in early on.Thursday morning to have at least one bag before treatment. I don’t know why this keeps happening now. I eat enough iron. 

Since we’ve been back, I’ve ordered all the stuff for the hen do, so I’m getting quite excited about that. Party!

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