The 30th & 1st; Everything requires so much effort.

July 4, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 30th of June.

Anaemia plus this heat is rough. It reminds me a little bit of when I first had leukaemia in Majorca and we didn’t know. Everything requires so much effort – I barely have the energy to brush my teeth (but I do it). 

Once I’ve had some food I do feel slightly better, so I felt okay going to see Elle and Luna in town. They were a little bit late because Luna needed vests so we met in Next, then went to Pret. I had Luna on my lap and we had a great squidgy time while Elle and I caught up on each others’ lives. Unfortunately, we only had an hour because Mommy and I had tickets to the filming of a new Gareth Malone show at the conservatoire, so we made plans to meet up again very soon. 

Again, the wheelchair was handy because we basically skipped the queue (most of which was out in the baking heat) and got to hang out with a fun assistance dog which was excellent. It was an a capella group contest, five groups competing to get into the semi-fina. One got sent home. There was a group from Birmingham and they were my favourites. Not biased. 

The 1st of July. 

This level of heat is unacceptable. I didn’t sleep brilliantly, but it wasn’t too dreadful. Getting up was tough. I managed to get dressed, but that was about it. Anybody capable of putting on make up today is formidable. 

I went outside to go round the corner to buy an ice cream, and that was enough. Going inside the coolness of Tesco was divine. Becky came for a little bit and we mainly complained about how hot it is and talked about the wedding. She has spin tonight! Brave lady. 

Tomorrow will be a joy, having blood before ECP. I’m going to be so warm. 


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