The 18th & 19th; Hills are not fun.

July 20, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 18th of July.

Holidays! Oh it has been a long day of travelling. I was up at half past six because we were supposed to go out at eight, but then Daddy woke up late so it was more like half past. We drove to the fancy Gloucester services for breakfast, but none of it really appealed to me so I just had more coffee. Lots more driving. We got to another service station when Daddy said “Well, this is horrific” and we promptly turned the car around without venturing inside. We found another one a little later where we bought sandwiches and ate them in the car. 

That was our last stop before arriving in Falmouth. The flat is on the bottom floor so I don’t have to contend with stairs, but I’ve been out for a brief bimble but I am nowhere near as strong as last year so I’ll be using the chair all the time. Hills are not fun. The only good thing about my trip was that I went into Ciuri Ciuri and they had made Cookie Biscuit gelato just for me because I am special. 

We appear to be going out for food soon. 

The 19th of July.

It was supposed to chuck it down all day today and pleasingly, it hasn’t! I didn’t have the best of sleeps – my bed is really creaky, so I think I’m going to try the other one tonight. 

This morning I stayed in and Daddy went out a couple of times so I got him to bring me coffee back each time. I did go out for my lunch though, but I got Mommy to come with me just in case of any problems. We looked at shops I can get the chair into, but if I can’t, I can disengage the joystick so no one can drive off in it. I wouldn’t leave it where I couldn’t see it though. I got a smoked salmon and egg sandwich from Picnic and a lemon sorbet smoothie from Elixir, which was lemon, orange, honey and frozen yoghurt. It was delicious. 

After coming home, I’ve shaved and moisturised my legs and watched boats in the harbour while listening to Amber Run, and we’re trying to decide where to go for tea. 

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