The 11th & 12th; It’s suddenly become a busy week.

August 13, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 11th of August. 

Zopiclone worked last night. I had a deliciously deep sleep, only getting up at half past nine because I really ought to. Having had my breakfast and coffee, we went into Sutton because it’s suddenly become a busy week. We have to make cakes for post-wedding nibbles at church, so it was a trip to get cake decorating stuff amongst other things. A card for nurses tomorrow, mascara, nail top coat, a crodough (Waitrose), a pretzel, baking powder, all sorts of bits. 

This afternoon, I have been working on Vicky’s dinosaur solidly for about three hours so my eyes need a rest. I’ve also written up my blog from the past couple of days, and am praying the spot on my chin buggers off before the wedding and that the predicted storms do too!

The 12th of August.

I had an okay night – decent quality sleep but weird dreams that I won’t go into. This morning I just worked on Vicky’s dinosaur, the head and body of which are nearly finished. I’ve stuffed the head and put his eyes in, and tonight I’ll probably finish up the body and stuff it. I also decorated some cupcakes we made to take to 621 this afternoon to say thanks for all the ECP before my renal appointment. I ate one of them with my lunch and I have to say, we’re excellent at baking.

I had to ring UK Mail because I had a parcel that they were supposed to deliver today but it appeared to have been delayed at 6.13am with no update. It seems it had been put on the wrong van, so I have to wait for it tomorrow. Ugh.

We went out early because parking in the QE in the afternoon can be a bastard, then we were really early. We went to deliver the cakes and had a nice chat with Laura about books. I’m reading Metamorphosis and Other Stories by Kafka at the moment and she’s seeing the same production of The Trial that Christine see so we’ve assured her that’s good. 

At renal clinic, I had to do a urine sample using a weird funnel, then my weight and blood pressure. That had to be done twice because it was so high. Dr. Hewins was very agreeable, took a lot of notes and has lots of ideas for what we can try. I’ve got a new drug to take, and I need to go back for a blood test in a week, then go back to clinic in six weeks. A week before that though, I have to go and pick up a portable blood pressure machine that I’ll wear for 24 hours which is going to be a joy. It’ll blow up every thirty minutes during the day, then every hour at night. I’m sure that’ll be a great sleep. 


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