The 29th & 30th; I nearly ran.

August 31, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 29th of August. 

I had a really crappy night. I can’t put it down to the anaesthetic because it’s never affected me like that before. In any case, I didn’t fall asleep until about two. Not on. 

I hadn’t planned on going to the gym today, but Mommy suggested it and I felt quite perky so I decided to go after all. This morning I wrote up a blog post and read the paper (won’t even mention the puzzles) and watched the important races in the athletics. 

The gym was rather uneventful, although I think this is the first time that I can remember the smiley boy not being there. I’ve been trying out the treadmill, and today I nearly ran. I got it up to 6/6.5 km/h, and was walking rather quickly, then I got scared and turned it down again. I’ll get there. I think. 

The 30th of August. 

A much better night; I was dreaming about wearing loads of puffy dresses when my alarm went off (I still set an alarm at the weekend because I don’t like to sleep ridiculously late). I curled up in the armchair and a chunky cardigan all morning, crocheting my first adult fox hat while I watched Sunday Brunch. Finished the base of that now. 

At lunchtime, the only bread we had stale, so I stuffed two slices with three kinds of cheese and fried it to make a rather decadent toastie, followed by some Mary Berry marble cake. The weather dictates that I eat this sort of food. 

This afternoon, my hair got washed, then I caught up on Cats Does Countdown and The Last Leg from Friday night. I also watched Hannibal which contained some deeply unpleasant scenes. I do like Francis Dolarhyde’s house though. It’s so fancy. 

Now for something much more pleasant – the fields of opium poppies for morphine on Countryfile. I do like morphine when it’s necessary. 

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