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The 26th of September. 

Today has been weirdly busy without me actually doing a great deal at all. I had a decent sleep (apart from an unpleasant dream about bugs) and spent my morning reading all the bits of the paper I deem interesting. I am very into the idea of making Ruby Tandoh’s pretzel rolls. 

I had my lunch, then wrote up four days of blog and worked on this crochet experiment until Jen came to go through cat paperwork before the potential adopters came.she arrived at the very busy time as we had an AA man and an RAC man here to look at the van we’ve rented to help Christine move tomorrow. It is missing a cap on the brake fluid reservoir and no one seems able to do anything because it’s not their responsibility. Daddy does seem to have got hold of someone now after five hours of people asking around who can locate a new van for us so there’s hope. It does mean he probably won’t be able to come out to see this thing in Centenary Square tonight which is a shame because he’s the one who really wanted to go. 

Anywho. Jen and I were going through the paperwork when the adopters arrived so I brought them through the chaos to the kittens. They were very inquisitive, sniffing everything and not running under the bed like I thought they might. Basically, after some talking and general questions, they decided they wanted the kittens, had brought a cat-carrier and they’re gone! Very sad. But I shall get some more to socialise (I’ve done a good job) when they’re ready!

Now to ice some cakes. 

The 27th of September.

Today definitely not busy at all. A day of just very fastidious work. Mommy and Daddy have been gone since before I woke up helping Christine move (I would have been no help whatsoever) so I’ve been alone in the house all day. 

What have I done with this freedom? I have crocheted. Oh, how I have crocheted. I was trying a beanie hat that is supposedly for an adult but I finished it this morning and it is way too fucking small for any full-sized human. That happened at about lunchtime, so after I ate, I went on Ravelry to hunt for different patterns and found one that I thought I could do. 

I had recorded The Gamechangers (hello, sexy bearded Daniel Radcliffe) so I watched that while I worked. I got a text from Becky at about quarter past two asking if I wanted to go and see the wedding photos which I very much did, so I put my wool down for a while and went over the road. When I arrived, Becky was lying on the living room floor because she has some sort of back injury, and we watched a slideshow of all the photos, plus all the ones from the photobooth. There are quite a few that I want copies of so I’ll have to go back over with a memory stick. I had a chat with Rocky and he seems so enormous compared to the kittens! Huge. 

I needed to come back to tablets, so I returned, had my hydrocortisone and continued crocheting until I finished the ball of wool. Now I’m perusing the internet for more and a metal 6mm crochet hook. Such an exciting life I lead. 

The 24th of September. 

So happy. Awake early but necessarily. I did have time for coffee this morning before we had to go out, unlike yesterday. I had to give the kittens their breakfast and lunch and hope that they would self-regulate while we were out all day. 

We got the train from Wylde Green to New Street because we thought driving in would be a nightmare on the day all the shops in Grand Central were opening. The train was busy but I just sat down and avoided eye contact with all the other passengers until we arrived. From what we could see our Grand Central, there were loads of queues. They also had a live band who played Uptown Funk insanely loudly and there was a flash mob. I’m sure it was entertaining if you were in the queue but we just wanted to get to our train. 

There is nothing to say about any of the train journeys except that I listened to Ryan Adams’ 1989 there and Rhodes’ Wishes on the way back. 

We got a cab to Timberyard where we met Lauren for lunch. TY does not have a fabulous vegan selection so she had to just have coffee and eat later, whereas I had a croque monsieur and a chocolate crodough. So much pastry chocolatey sugary goodness. We mainly talked about what Lauren is up to, and after about an hour and a half, Mommy and I had to go and get our tickets for Curious Incident from the box office at The Gielgud. Just as we left, a lady in an array of crazy amazing colours told me I looked lovely so I felt pretty great. Everyone at the theatre was very accommodating with my chair and we got seated early. There was a school party in our vicinity and I really hoped they would behave. I was not disappointed. The show was wonderful. Naomi was only doing a small part, she just had a few lines in various bits but her work was mainly physical, which she is so brilliant at. I’d completely forgotten the story so I had a quick Wikipedia catch up. Kaffe, who was playing Christopher, was brilliant. I could completely believe that he was autistic. The set was magical – what appeared to be just a box had so many secret panels and gadgets that took us everywhere and yet nowhere. Daddy would have loved it. At the end, my eyes were suddenly full of tears and I couldn’t explain why. I managed to keep them in.

After the show, we met Naomi at stage door and went for coffee and cake at Damson and Co, so that was dinner! We caught up on her life, what she’s doing, why she’s back in London. It’s all fine, she’s happy and life is good. Then we had a short backstage tour and Naomi got Kaffe to show us how all the traps work, and we talked about how exhausting the show is. 

At half six we really had to go, so Naomi sorted an Uber and a great guy in a Prius came and took us back to Euston while we talked VW and China polluting the world. 

Tonight I need to hug the kitties. They’ll be sad. 

The 25th of September. 

Very quiet day. I took Zopiclone last night to help my whizzy brain sleep but it didn’t work, so today it’s like I have a hangover. I’m just really slow and tired, so very glad we had no plans today. 

I got up at about half past nine and have slowly padded about the house all day. I wrote about yesterday and finished most of the badger hat. I need to get some buttons to do its eyes. 

This afternoon, I started work on a little experiment and watched unimportant things on tv. I’m just waiting for it to be bedtime, really. I feel a little bit sad but I think it’s just chemicals, and I need sleep. 

The 22nd of September. 

Is it weird that I still have dreams about being at school? They’re always similar – I’m either doing GCSEs or A-levels but they won’t count, so I don’t need to do any of the work, and I’m still ambulant. I wish they’d stop. I have no desire to be back in education. 

This morning I did a blog post, then had to fill in forms for the O2 Academy so I can have a disabled space at the Death Cab gig and for my new CEA card so I can continue to get free cinema tickets. I hung out with the kittens and they were freaking out about the heavy rain because I don’t think they’ve experienced it before.

This afternoon I went to the gym and saw none of the regulars, except the chap who always wears a hat. I was coming toward the end of my routine when my headphones started having a fit and I wasn’t getting all the sound. I can’t cope with the gym music so I finished early, and was in the middle of stretching when I had a phone call from Jen because someone wants to adopt the kittens! She’s coming to meet them on Saturday and we shall see how that goes. I will be sad, but then I’ll get some new ones. 

I have done the stripes of the badger hat this evening, now I just have to attach them, and I think that’s going to be tricky. 

The 23rd of September. 

Another day, another clinic. Awake at half past seven, no time for coffee so I had to pick up some filth from Costa to wake me up lest I drop off in the waiting room. I read the whole paper, did the puzzles and had been trawling Twitter for entertainment when Ram called me in. There wasn’t much for him to do today, just wrote me a massive prescription so I don’t have to see him for two month. We took it to pharmacy and got a copy of heat to peruse while waiting. 

Went into town when we were finished to get facewipes and handcream because they are on offer and I have only one packet in the house. We got home at half one and I was starving so I had no doubt the kitties were too, so I fed them straight away before making my own lunch. I spent the rest of my afternoon doing more of the badger hat and watching stuff on the box. Not massively productive. 

I am very much looking forward to London, Lauren and Naomi tomorrow. Plus Timberyard which means crodough!

The 20th of September. 

I think this is going to be a pretty short entry because I have done a lot of one thing. I woke up at quarter to nine but decided to go back to sleep for another twenty five minutes. Life could wait. 

I fed the chatty kitties once I found their food bowls in the kitchen, and as soon as I’d breakfasted, I started crocheting because I had to finish the thing today and I had an entire ball of wool to use. And that is what I did all day up until about half past three. I had a break for lunch and to wash my hair, then once I was done, I wrote up the blog. 

I went to hang out with the fluffies and had a major development: Harvey sat on me! It was very exciting. I had the armchair extended so the extra bit stuck out which he sat on first, so I stroked him for ages while he slept. After God knows how long, he decided to squeeze himself into the space beside me and rested his head and paw on my lap. I was so happy. Just got to get Hal on side now. 

The 21st of September. 

It’s got to be a good day when you wake up to the news that the Prime Minister put his penis in the mouth of a dead pig. What a leader. What’s on tv? The fact that New Street is all shiny. Guys, it’s just a station. 

I was at the GP this morning because I had a letter requesting my presence following Dr. Hewins’ letter. We say in the awful, germy waiting room for forty-five minutes until I was called in to see Dr. Bagchiu(who I haven’t seen for ten years, by the way) and discovered that basically, one of their juniors had read the letter and not my notes, so got terribly overexcited and called me in. In a nutshell, it was a colossal waste of time. 

This afternoon was Helen’s goodbye gathering, so we arrived at the Faith Centre to find tables heaving with cake, a lot of staff but no Helen! She kept disappearing. She was thrilled with her snood – I forgot to photograph it but it was a very pretty, soft, multicoloured wool. We had some cake and chats, and there was a brief speech and some flowers. I was surprised there weren’t more patients there – she has done so much for us, I am shocked that other people didn’t want to thank her. She is a champion of the vulnerable and the DWP will be the only ones that are happy she’s retired. 

The 18th of September. 

It doesn’t feel like a Friday. I keep thinking it’s Monday. I saw a woman wearing a “Happy Friday” top and I thought “how embarrassing” until I realised I was wrong. 

This morning I wrote up my blog and played with the kittens. I’m just obsessed with them, it’s ridiculous. Daddy came in to see us and he tried to hold Harvey on his lap but he was having none of it. I hope they will learn to be kitties that like to sit still on people. 

After lunch, Mommy and I went into town, originally for me to get gym leggings, but alas that did not happen. The shop has changed its stock and now it only sells hideous, patterned leggings. I refuse to wear those. We also went to take back a coat for Daddy, for me to get some wool to make a present for Helen, and for us to also get a card for her, as it’s her leaving do on Monday. 

Since we got home, I’ve been working on Helen’s gift and I just checked on the kittens. I am trying to avoid the news because it is just so desperately sad and I can’t even imagine. It would be so much easier if I were a rightwing dickhead and didn’t give a shit about them. 

The 19th of September. 

I had a dream last night that Gemma Collins accused me of being attention-seeking, because I don’t like it when people tell me they hope I’ll get better and I have to explain that that can’t happen. I just feel bad having to keep breaking it to people. Sometimes I just lie, it’s easier. 

It’s been a fairly uneventful day. I had my breakfast and coffee (finally finished the blend I got from Pit Prop – it was such a dark roast, it was bitter. So glad to be back on hasbean) and sped through the paper so I could spend some time with the kittens. I ended up watching The Maze Runner on Sky Movies and it is an odd one. I did end up reading the synopses of all the books on Wikipedia though because I’m curious like that. 

I left them when it finished and went to have my lunch, and this afternoon I’ve been mainly crocheting Helen’s present. Monotonous. I’ve checked in on them a few times and they were fine. Harvey keeps licking my hand. Shaki is coming round this evening with some food and litter so I’ll ask her about it. Oscar never did that. They’re such little weirdos. 

The 16th of September. 

Woke up to a text from Sadie checking that the Hallfield thing was tonight, and requesting either a seal or a penguin pal for Pablo the Polar Bear who I made for her previously. I had planned on going to the gym this afternoon, but that went out of the window. 

This morning I did a blog update, then hung out with the kittens. I think we’re proper friends now. Hal just doesn’t like it when a hand comes towards his face, but he’ll allow stroking. 

After lunch, I made a penguin for Sadie, which took a couple of hours but I got it done in time. It’s very cute. I had an hour before I needed to go out, so I had a little bit more kitty-petting fun time and took lots of photos of them. This could be bad for my phone memory. 

Said texted again to say she was going to be early so we sped out of the house to get to The Highfield so she wasn’t on her own for too long. When I arrived, she was very pleased to see me and her little penguin pal. We talked Bake Off and I showed her pictures of the kittens which she captioned excellently and I will be using them. We decided to be sociable with all the older men, which then resulted in an evening of Sadie having to explain that her PhD in politics has nothing to do with Jeremy Corbyn, and me telling people over and over about how my body doesn’t work. My favourite. 

I got home just in time for Bake Off, and had scrambled eggs on toast while we watched Tamal become Star Baker. 

The 17th of September. 

Finally back in the gym after about a week since my last rather unsuccessful session. 

I got up and dressed this morning in gymwear, but decided I will need to purchase some full-length gym leggings because it is going to get too cold for my knee-length ones. I had breakfast and did a little bit of writing before morning kitty time. They trust me now, but Harvey is definitely the needier of the two. He will always come up to me first and rub his face all over my hand. He also keeps smelling my nose which is very cute but a little bit unnerving. 

After lunch, I went to the gym. It was lovely and quiet so I could do exactly as I wished. Smiley boy not there again, which is very unusual, but the other odd one came in. It’s like he thinks he’s totally alone – I noticed him pulling up his shirt and squeezing the flab on his belly. Not something one expects to see in public. My favourite thing that happened was that four boys came in in their school uniform and I just thought it was adorable. 


The 14th of September. 

Kitties are my friends. 

I was up super early (6:25) to go and get a portable blood pressure cuff at 8:30 to wear for 24 hours. It goes up every half hour, until 11pm when it’ll be every hour. I’m not sure how much I’ll sleep. 

The kittens came out when I fed them and we had a stroke, and I came back to them once we’d returned from hospital. On the way home, we tried to drop off the fox hats to Emily but got confused about where she lives so will try again tomorrow. Hal let me stroke him a lot this morning while we watched tv, and for the majority of the afternoon we played and had a lovely time while Harvey stayed under the bed. 

He came out about half past the? He’s still a bit unsure but both have walked over my legs and let me scratch them behind the ears which I had no hope of doing yesterday. They’re just silly, wanting to playfight and pounce on inanimate objects. I have to change my slippers to go into the kittens’ room because they try to eat mine. 

I did have a break at lunchtime to write my blog and have some extra coffee. I also need to wash my hair but can’t do that while I’m wearing the BP monitor. Such fun! 

The 15th of September.

Second early start in a row. Thank God I can sleep until a decent time tomorrow. At the hospital, they plugged the machine into the computer and downloaded the data. That was very quick, then we sat around for a good ten minutes while they tried to locate a printer, but eventually had to call IT to remotely access the computer and do it for them. We got there in the end! On the way home, I dropped off the hats at a house that was definitely Emily’s, then popped into Pets at Home for hamster bedding. 

Upon our return, I had a second breakfast as I already had a rumbly tumbly, as Winnie the Pooh would say. One pain au chocolat later, I went to hang out with the kitties. I thought we were getting along, but when Mommy came in, they both went to sit on her, which was pretty gutting. 

After lunch, we washed my hair and I moisturised my legs, which then made the kittens not trust me because I smelled weird, so they hid under the bed and I went to crochet a badger hat. I went back in during Pointless and Harvey was my friend, but Hal hit his face on my hand when I wasn’t looking and thinks I did it on purpose so he’s not talking to me. I’m sure he’ll forget when I feed them later.