The 31st & 1st; It’s always a good day when I make a new dog friend.

September 2, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 31st of August. 

It’s always a good day when I make a new dog friend. Our paper got delivered to a totally different road to the one we live on, but the lady who lives there brought it round while walking her dog. He was very excited about meeting us and held on to my arm. Super cute. 

I was planning on going to pilates this morning but it wasn’t on, so instead I wrote up a blog post and made all the component parts for the adult fox hat except the eyes. 

The gym was really busy today – I assume because people weren’t at work so they came earlier than they might normally. I got there when it was only raining a little bit. Summer is definitely over. All my dresses will go back downstairs into Grandma’s old wardrobe and my knitwear obsession will reignite. I must try to not buy too many jumpers this year. 

The 1st of September. 

Last night I had a rather horrific dream in which my teeth were falling apart in slices so little cross-sections of teeth kept coming out of my mouth. I was really pleased to wake up to find them all intact. 

This morning I finished the adult fox hat so need the address of its recipient and sent the two for little people. One more to do! I also rang the Cats Protection Society to talk to someone about kitten fostering but no one’s phoned me back yet. 

Mommy’s friend Rosemary came for lunch so while they had their soup, I caught up on Nashville and Parks & Rec. She was admiring my crocheted things. She thinks I should set up a business selling my wares but I don’t want it to become something I don’t enjoy because of orders and stress. 

Not a lot else has happened – waiting for phone calls from the cat people and Dr. Hewins’ secretary about my blood pressure drug because my potassium gone up. I’ve got to go to haematology clinic tomorrow to get my bloods checked again. 

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