The 2nd & 3rd; There just wasn’t a lull in the conversation.

September 4, 2015 — 1 Comment

The 2nd of September. 

More not-nice dreams! Last night it was that Daddy got remarried to a really mean woman with a pointy face who wouldn’t let me look after the baby we’d had to go and pick up from the airport. 

Early start at clinic for bloods which was brief, then we went to town to take back a coat for Daddy. I had a phone call from renal outpatients to ask if I could come in for bloods on Friday. They obviously don’t read their email. I explained that I’d had them done already and she was thrilled. I also went to Pandora to get some clips to put on my silver bracelet because I’m sick of the charms sliding around all the time. I just got two plain ones – they don’t need to look like anything. 

Upon our return, I posted the adult fox hat and finished the base of the last one. I considered going to the gym, but I had an Old Hallfieldians meeting tonight and the whole palaver of going in and out and getting changed made it just seem too much hassle. 

I was then late for the meeting because the traffic was dreadful, but I had a nice chat with Christine on the phone. The meeting was a bit rushed because everyone wanted to be home for Bake Off, but there was a lot of discussion about floodlights for the astro-turf. Tim brought me home and I met his dog Max who is a big old spaniel and lovely. 

And tonight I’ve had a phone call from Cats Protection Society and someone’s coming to visit on Saturday! Might be kitten fostering soon!

The 3rd of September.

It’s been a great day. A lot of it has been travelling, which is just me fleeing into a world inside my headphones on which I still have the voice had when my lungs still worked, and I like that. 

We arrived at New Street and Mommy picked me up a flat white from Faculty Coffee while I bought my paper and checked in at mobility assistance, and she came back to say it was from Tilly who used to work at Yorks and said hi so that was a lovely start to the day! I overheard some of the assistance people talking about how the 9.30 was cancelled, which was the time of our train, so my middle names of Panic and Worry kicked in, but thankfully it was the 9.30 to Newcastle, not Euston. I was also slightly concerned about getting on the train in my new chair but it was surprisingly easy, although we hadn’t charged it up last night and there was less battery power than I thought. Panic. Worry. 

Yaser (Margot Martini’s father) found us at Euston and a taxi took us to Tom’s Kitchen in Chelsea. As soon as we met, we just didn’t stop talking. About me, Margot, miso soup. I had to give the waitress a signal that it was okay to come and ask for our orders, as there wasn’t a lull in the conversation for her to swoop in on. I had truffled mac ‘n’ cheese and a burger with triple cooked chips. I could’ve eaten a trough of the pasta; it was divine. It’s hard to say exactly what we talked about…our stories, how it’s affected us, how can we raise more awareness, what is it that makes people sign up? We didn’t come up with an answer. At one point, the chef, Richard O’Connell, came over with one of Tom’s books which was a gift for me and was signed! He also asked me to leave my email address so I did and we’ll see what happens with that. The time passed so quickly, and before we knew it, it was time for us to be going back to Euston because our train was earlier than we would have liked but the latest we could go without it getting ridiculously expensive. The journey back was like a tour, across the river, views of Westminster and the City. I love London; I’d move there in a heartbeat. Mainly for food. 

It was a shame to have to say goodbye, but we are definitely keeping in touch and hope we can meet again and maybe team up. #registerwearandshare

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    Your day in London meeting Margot’s dad sounds great. xx

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